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Please pray 🙏 for all the homeless ...

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Please pray 🙏 for all the homeless people who have no place to sleep or eat. May God provide and have mercy. Please pray for all the single mothers that they may have a job, food and shelter for their children. Please pray for all those people who lost a love one. May God comfort them in their time of need. Please pray for those families that are being separated towards deportation May the Lord have mercy in Jesus name Amen.

Dear Brethren in Christ Jesus, please help ...

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Dear Brethren in Christ Jesus, please help to present this prayer request in God alter. Father Lord, I thank you for everything concerning my life and my family. God Almighty help to grant this humble request which I handover to you Lord to get a good Job where I can get back my life in order, a job that grant me Sunday to be in the church and a fruit of the womb. Amen

Loving Father I come to you this ...

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Loving Father I come to you this morning to praise and thank you for giving us life and all the blessings that you continually bestow upon us. Merciful Father I humbly request you to forgive me all the sins that I have committed in my heart, in my words and in my actions against you and against all my fellow human beings. Heavenly King I plead with you for good health and long life. Great Healer I beseech you to thoroughly heal your servant Miriam, my wife, of fibroids and other related...

Please pray for my family and our ...

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Please pray for my family and our lives, protection, guidance and help and that all negativity and bad leave usband our homes so God's good blessings come to us and our prayers be answered. Thank you God and everyone who prays here.

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Hear my cry oh God please listen ...

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Hear my cry oh God please listen to my prayers. Please see my tears. Please forgive me.

Need prayer I feel like I am ...

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Need prayer I feel like I am being attack in all directions I just got my job at Macy my landlord refuse to cask my rent n trying to make me pay double carrielynn nose is bleeding n not well n pray hours open up at Kellog


Giving Honor To God. Father take my ...

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Giving Honor To God. Father take my son and nephews under your wings. Protect them from themselves. Too make better choices and surround with others that can bring them from evil forces of the world. I pray for their salvation and restoration. Returned them back to their completing heal.

Dear Heavenly Father, I request a love ...

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Dear Heavenly Father, I request a love relationship between myself and Marty Gomez. Please prevent the Devil from interfering with Marty's and my love. In Jesus's name. AMEN

[15/12, 11:44] Tushar Jagannath Rathod: *The Warfare ...

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[15/12, 11:44] Tushar Jagannath Rathod: *The Warfare Prayer* Heavenly Father, Tushar Jagannath Rathod bowing in worship and praise before You. Tushar Jagannath Rathod covering Tushar Jagannath Rathod with the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ as Tushar Jagannath Rathod's protection during this time of prayer. Tushar Jagannath Rathod surrendering Tushar Jagannath Rathod completely and unreservedly in every area of Tushar Jagannath Rathod's life to Yourself. Tushar Jagannath Rathod do taking a...
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