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Praying for Severio to let go of ...

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Praying for Severio to let go of Pauline and remember what he promised for the last 10 years.

Need ur help ...I hv exms on ...

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Need ur help ...I hv exms on December n hv 2 pass this exm , had attempt many a times but failed with fews numbers please please please I request u from core of my heart


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Please pray my parent salvation. Please pray heal my knees. Then I can go to worship. Please pray me no necessary for carrying and move heavy stock in working environment. Please pray me no necessary for turning on and off feng shui lamp in office.My duty is provide customer service. Please pray for me no necessary to stand up and walk a long time in office. Thanks. Please pray my colleague have good working attitude. I need to handle new duty. Please pray I have wisdom in job. Thanks...

Please please all.pray I command abubdant duvi ...

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Please please all.pray I command abubdant duvi healing in all my teeth all my gums right now in nests name I will not lose any more teeth I cover all veth one of my teeth and guns with the blood of jesus I command all my teeth gums healed healed now totally transformed in every way now in jesus name I find a great dentist to do 2 crowns right now I need perfectly bridge left hand side perfectly successfully Teeth shirebjng I buy st dentist makes all all every onevif my Teeth incredibly white...

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About sisters

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Always keep them happy my dear god Amen

Apostle, am requesting a prayer for my ...

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Apostle, am requesting a prayer for my husband in the in New York Bronx for financial break through a good job. He's Charles Okine. Request from Dodowa. Thank you! Amen.

Heavenly Father I am praying for the ...

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Heavenly Father I am praying for the cats of Happy Forest. Today they trapped and brought in 6 cats that need dental, spays or neuters. They are trying to take care of these feral cats the best they can, and keeping them healthy. Please help them to help all the unhealthy or sick cats that live in the forest. Please heal Mirok of his problem with his head tilting. Make him well enough to be returned into the Happy Forest where he loves living in the wild. Thank you Father for all you do for...

Hey Matt we are facing many problems ...

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Hey brother and sister Please pray for me🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 we are facing many problems right now. No food, no money for needs and we are going to be homeless because my mom doesn't have money for rent 😥😥we are not going to school because of school fees so am looking for help with school fees because life is not easy on my side and my family.i live with my mum and my two brothers and things are not easy for my mom because she is not employed because she was not educated so it is hard for her to find...

Thank you so much for your prayers. ...

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Thank you so much for your prayers. My daughter Roneillia Dinham did one of her internal school exam today and she said it was easy..I crave your prayers for the rest of the examination that she has until the 11of December

Please pray for me and my husband ...

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Please pray for me and my husband we don't have children. want children please pray for us.
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