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I want prayer to my family and business

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Please Pray to my business and my family

Sir mere wife manvi Bharti jo ki ...

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Sir mere wife manvi Bharti jo ki 7month se pregnant hai aur uske urine me infaction ho gya hai jiski wjah se use fiver ho ja rha hai aur ultia ho ja rhi hai aur khasi ho rha hai plz Mere wife manvi Bharti ke liye preyer kijiye

Prayers for good health

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Please pray for my good health. My head is havy ,my whole left side including hand and leg is hurting.Uneasiness in the chest. ECG normal. Still I just don't feel well.My tongue is sore.Been to three different doctors.but symptoms persist. Today is a day when I am not feeling well at all. I have reached a stage where I can't even tell anyone because they think I am playing up and getting stressed for no reason. Please pray for me Am also taking antibiotics for an abscess but still...

My dear prayer warriors please pray for ...

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My dear prayer warriors please pray for my would be nadeem who was in defence,..no news from him..please pray for him to be safe and call me soon. Please keep us too in your prayers please.

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Please pray I get fifteen yrs’ former ...

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Please pray I get fifteen yrs’ former salary compensation and soon,that Benson makes an insurance claim,stops speaking badly of me,and that all support is removed from him

Godly husband

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Please pray for me to receive a man from God with whom God will be pleased (best choice) concerning my purpose. Lord show me anything i need to know concerning my kingdom marriage (and my mate) in Jesus name. Thank you

Dear Lord Jesus Christ, Please pray for ...

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Dear Lord Jesus Christ, Please pray for my son Daniel RoobaPrakash Ashokan from his Muslim girlfriend.They Brainwash my son mind to take this Muslim girl as his girlfriend. And he never talk to any of my family. He never wants to share anything to us, we are so afraid of this Muslim girlfriend will take away my son from us, his working friends wash his brain to Let go his former girlfriend who really want to except Christ for him. And she also broke heart, My son very nice boy. He never does...

Praise the lord. I went to interview ...

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Praise the lord. I went to interview and they said come for teacher demo .this demo my lord will be good and because of it I should get this job my lord . I thanku my lord.


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Dear jesus, I am unable to accept marriage in my life. I fell in love with my friend Ajay. But our parents not supporting. Now my parents arranged marriage for in which am not at all interested. Please god please stop this marriage and please give me the life with Ajay only. He is the only person to whom i can expose my love. I will not accept any other man in my life. Please jesus please stay for me. Otherwise please take my soul from my body. I dont want to live in this world anymore...

Jesus please vindicate me. I pray that ...

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Jesus please vindicate me. I pray that you take vengeance upon all that have tried to hurt me. Especially the people in my life that enjoy playing games with my heart and feelings.
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