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    My sister Gloria     0 replies

    Lucrecia ulloa
    By Lucrecia ulloa ,
    For Gloria My sister. She have a lot of pain and emotional stress, and is tired every month bcause of the menopausy. She fells and looks realy bad.

    Praywrs     1 reply

    By Julie1970 ,
    I ask for this a lot but my marriage is in trouble. If it's not one thing it's another. We can't get along. He is a very difficult person to get along with. It's with everyone. God please soften this man. He has his gentle moments and that is when I see hope and want to fight but it's getting harder. I need a miracle.  Please pray for his drinking problem, his short temper and for me to find the right way to respond and deal with this.  God please help us. Please. 

    Our father who are in heaven hallowed be your name,     1 reply

    By Jere ,
    Our father who are in heaven hallowed be your name, your kingdom come your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Thankyou father, mercy and forgiveness have you made manifest in Jesus name, Amen

    Waiting on God     1 reply

    In the need
    By In the need ,
    Father You know our needs and the desires of our hearts. I am praying for a job that is beneficial for family life. The hours is part of the issues that I've had in my marriage for over ten years. I really appreciate the great job that You have blessed me. Man will lie, as my boss said that he would change my shift. I apologize for the anger that took over me today after I found out that they don't plan to change my shift. I said some things I should not have said. Forgive me please Father. I know that You are faithful and true. Please Lord bless me with a job that is beneficial for family l ... (read more)

    Praying for peace     1 reply

    By Hollywood ,
    Please pray that God remove my depression and anxiety. It's the result of a break up. I need peace. I can't take this feeling any longer.. Although I know it was probably in my best interest to not be in the relationship because he was not always nice to me, I miss him dearly. He will not talk to me or respond to any messages.. In spite of being cruel, I still pray for him. Please as many as you can, intercede in my behalf.. I am so broken, and feeling like I'm not in my body.

    Prayer for Blessings (162)     2 replies

    By marizda ,
    Father God,   Thank you for this day. Thank you for all the love you continue to shower upon me. Thank you for your non-stop blessings. Father I pray that everything will finally fall in its place. I pray that you continue to guide me in all that I do. Pls grant me the patience, strength and courage not to keep grudge on my heart. Pls keep my heart a sunctuary of your love for me. I also pray for Martin, pls keep him safe always. Pls lead and guide is back. Pls fill our hearts with hope and love again. Help us find each other again. Pls return his love to me o Father. I know everyt ... (read more)

    Confused and worried     1 reply

    By allie222 ,
    I feel like my boyfriend is hiding something or worried about something but he just won't say it. He's not talking to me and being cold. God can you help him with his problem, open his heart, soul, mind and change the way he thinks. I want us to be the way it was. Help him see me as his partner not enemy. We are a team.    Thank you 

    I am very thankful for the blessings I have. Praise     2 replies

    By WingsofaDove ,
    I am very thankful for the blessings I have. Praise the Lord. I am asking for two unspoken requests. I am also asking for healing from the emotional pain that I am feeling from being mistreated by a certain person who just did not care about how they hurt me. I always thought the person would get better but they just got more and more mean and cruel. In Jesus name , Amen.

    I'm asking our Heavenly Father from preventing a strike     6 replies

    By bob69 ,
    I'm asking our Heavenly Father from preventing a strike from happening where I work at. I can't afford for that to happening. Thank you.

    Peace and safety     6 replies

    By Drewneva ,
    Please pray that God protects me from my enemies Donald and Crystal and that their schemes are stopped dead in their tracks

    please pray for my relationship with Rick - please     5 replies

    By KIllinois ,
    please pray for my relationship with Rick - please pray for him and me and what our future will be.

    Still praying his ex away / Needing to hear from him     5 replies

    By Dyamond ,
    Well I am still facing some issues ragarding the situation I have been describing. This Ashlei girl still has my man name and photo on her profile, But I have come to accept that sometimes we dont have to see what God is doing to know that he is doing something. My request was for her to be taken out of my mans life so she can stop coming between my relationship. Now I have not heard from him either so if you get a chance please pray for me to atleast hear from him regardless cause we usually talk everyday & its been a few days so if you all could just pray for me to hear from him cause ... (read more)

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