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    Holiday Trip

    By lcwilliams424,
    We have two kids and one is with us and the other staying with family to finish school in a city we used to live in. We got this trip coming up and I was and still am really excited to go on it. I'm just hoping all the finances are in order we planned way in advance and now everything seems to be happening work schedule changes. Major decrease in hours. We can try to cancel our holiday trip to SeaWorld or use bill money to finance and hope to pay them off next month sounds stupid but I'm cons ... (read more)

    Your Support In These Difficult Moments For Me!

    By Vladimir,
    Let us pray for professional development in my life! Let us pray to be really incredible expert , the power member, and most capable in this career! Let us pray to really earn very serious and good income from professional development, which will be a great pleasure and delight for me and it is for God's glory! Let us pray the Lord my dreams come true for professional development and even exceed them! I believe in God and seek and your support in these difficult moments for me! I ask for your ... (read more)

    Prayer For Blessing In Sport

    By Vladimir,
    Let us pray, the Lord to let me have a major success , results and achievements in sports ! Let us pray the Lord to teach me to train properly and completely accurate ! Let us pray the Lord to provide me with the highest quality - nutritional Supplements, food ,nutritional program, exercise program, finance resource, supplies, and everything else you need , let us pray the Lord more and more pleasantly surprised me ! Let us pray for miracles , success and prosperity in the field of sport for ... (read more)


    By ENL,
    LORD, please pray  for my son hearing loss heal him LORD

    I have great need of prayer!

    By Vladimir,
    I have great need of prayer! Lord to give me financial guidance, support and blessings! Let us pray for this to be permanent, real, strong and for the glory of God in my life!

    I Lost My Job And I Have To Pay Credit!

    By Vladimir,
    Dear brothers and sisters, let us all together give all glory, thanks and praise to Jesus Christ! The entire loan is paid! Upon repayment of the last installment, the bank gave me grief with additional fees! However, Jesus is faithful and let us glorify Him! Let us pray from now henceforth never I have to take a loan and finance credits! Let us pray always and forever God's abundance, goodness, faithfulness and generous blessing, to stay in the financial area of my life! Let us pray the Lord ... (read more)

    Removal of Toxic Person

    By Bithiah,
    Please pray that Lewis will permanently move out of the house before the end of this year. Please also pray that he will stay out of my life and my family's life forever before the end of this year. He is too toxic, and we can't stand it anymore.
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