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    By new beginnings 1212,   
    All evil word curses witchcraft off of Joannas life now 

    my health

    By ame1975,   
    Please pray for me (Angela) and my health. Pray for healing throughout my body, and for my neck, my breathing, my ear and the cause of these issues to be gone in Jesus's name. Thank you and God Bless!!!


    By new beginnings 1212,   
    Luis and his family cannot use evil and cannot speak evil against Joanna and her family ever again


    By new beginnings 1212,   
    We command declare Luis April Maria there family followers have extreme favor for me and Lani and our family and want me and our family to be blessed they do not speak bad about me or Lani at all they realize God loves us and no more evil she should be done by them for now on  Luis realizes that because he cant be good to Joanna and committ to her and hasnt been honest and isnt spending holidays with her he needs to let her have a husband who will even if its Albert who will be willing to ma ... (read more)


    By isaac,   
    i need happiness from God , i need a special touch from above to cast away depression and feeling of forsaken , i need God to touch me and make me happy and to have faithful friends believers, i am suffering from loneliness , i need friends and people in my life , i feel deep rejection and loneliness , i feel that i am in desert , i need a breath of life from God , i need his togetherness with me because i am alone .. in Jesus mighty name , i praise God for the touch he will do ,, Amen


    By Guest,   
    Lord, please do your will in my life. Please, let me have forgiveness towards my husband who has been having an affair. Please, let his harsh words go right over me and I can forget those words. My heart aches, but I know you have a plan for me that is bigger then what I can see! Please, give me strength in whatever comes and be with me and my children. Lord, I also ask to bless the girl that is in love with my husband and I hope she finds someone in her life. Please give her guidance and str ... (read more)

    Marriage Restoration Miracle

    By gregnbrandy,   
    Please pray for the restoration of my covenant marriage 
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