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    Payer request for me to get back a permanent job as     0 replies

    By Kaye Haye,
    Payer request for me to get back a permanent job as a teacher..For my best friend and I to have a better relationship.. For my aunt Nelly and Julian to be free from brain tumor..For my brother and his wife to be free from diabetes.. For my brother not to do a surgery on his back...For a stronger Faith in the Lord.

    I want my child to grow and save God     0 replies

    By Mirriam Chulu,
    I want my child to grow and save God

    I love Jesus and believe in Him!     0 replies

    By Vladi777,
    Please dear prayer warriors to pray for me - the Lord to guide me and I reached superior outcomes and blessings of the Lord for every area of my life. Let us pray: my relationship with Jesus - to be improved and strengthened; ministries that I have from God - prosper and I can be greatly productive there; my personal(intimate) life - to flourish, prosper, my dreams and wishes to come true and to be blessed abundantly forever; Work and Career - Lord according to His mercy to come true my dreams and my desires, prosperity and abundant blessing; Education - to graduate successfully, to g ... (read more)

    God i need help and guidance     3 replies

    By allie222,
    Lord, i been praying about this situation for a while now. It looks like my boyfriend isn't texting or calling his ex as much now. And when he gets a text from his ex girlfriend he doesn't reply right away and not as much texting going on.  It seems like you got to him God. Hopfully it will last. I would like to thank you God for helping and i feel a lot better and we connected a bit again like before.  

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