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The Encourager

The Encourager
Child of God,

A friend sent me this, I think it will help us all. After we have prayed about it, we must wait on God to answer in His timing.

Psalms 71:14 - 16 …But as for me, I shall wait constantly, and I will add to all your praise. My own mouth will recount your righteousness, all day long your salvation. For I have not come to know the numbers of them. I shall come in grand mightiness, O Sovereign Lord Jehovah. I shall mention your righteousness, yours alone."

When we have prayed about a matter and we are waiting for an answer from God. We must patiently wait. We wait with praise for our God for his goodness. We wait with thanksgiving for his abundant mercy. We wait with confidence in the righteousness of God. We do not wait with heads bowed in defeat. We wait with hearts that are strengthened by faith in all the promises of our loving heavenly Father. We wait in eager expectation of His blessing....and it will surely come!!!

We sometimes must deal with the unexpected...but we can always rightly expect to receive help from Jehovah through Jesus Christ....at the right time.

Have A Blessed Day,

Encourager Linda Flagg, LM, CS

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