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Various Prayer Requests

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1-Pray for my brother to be healed of dilated ascending aorta, mother of diabetes, and father of arthritis.

2-Pray for an unspoken need of mine to be met.

3-Pray that God keeps me safe in all ways.

4-Pray that God controls a difficult situation in my life.

5-Pray that I will obtain proof needed to file civil lawsuits.

6-Pray that God will provide me with a spouse.

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The Encourager

The Encourager
Lets Pray: God I ask in Jesus’ name that You will bless and protect our relationship (your relationship with me). May I continue to grow in the knowledge of You and my love for You. I know that You love me. Let my words, my thoughts, and my actions be motivated by Your love for me and the Word of God. Lead, guide, and direct my footsteps. Help me to always remember that I am always in Your presence. You are always with me. I have nothing to fear.

Teach me how to seek Your face and not just the blessings that come from Your hands. Teach me how to withdraw and spend time with You on a consistent basis. Teach me how to hear Your voice for myself. Help me to maintain a pure heart and a balanced life that is rooted in the Word of God. Bless, protect, and keep me safe. Hide me in Your love. Deliver me from all evil. And all that I have asked You God to do for me in this prayer, please do the same for my family, friends, the writer of this prayer and the one who sent this prayer to me.

There is no wisdom, no insight, no plan that can succeed against the Lord. Proverbs 21:30 NIV
Not open for further replies.
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