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USA Wealth: Free Prescriptions and Medicines


Beloved Warrior
Most people who use drugs also get free prescriptions


Medicine Assistance Tool | MAT.org

PhRMA’s Medicine Assistance Tool (MAT) helps patients, caregivers and health care providers find information about financial assistance and other resources made available through various biopharmaceutical industry programs. As a specialized search engine, MAT provides a single point of access to...




How To Get Free & Low-Cost Prescriptons - The Medicine Program [2019]

Do you qualify for free and low-cost prescription drugs? Learn about patient prescription assistance from The Medicine Program.


RxAssist - Patient Assistance Programs


Medicine Assistance Programs

The American Heart Association explains that cost if often the most important factor in patients not taking their medicine as prescribed and offers these medicine assistance programs that can help cover the cost.



Trenton doctor launches free medicine program benefiting poor residents

TRENTON — Free medicine is here.


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The Lord never required us to be successful to anything. He only requires of us to be faithful and true. His blessings and healing shall come to all of us if we read His word, daily obeying what He says.


Beloved of All
Father, we give you thanks and praise for blessings you provide in Jesus name Amen~thank you for sharing this~God bless you abundantly!


Prayer Warrior
The best doctor in the whole wide world is Jesus. He will answer your prayer when you ask for mercy and healing. I called on the Lord when I was in a hospital bed. Cancer has come to me and had a year to live. I asked Jesus for healing and mercy. He heard my cry from heaven and send healing to my body. I am so grateful to Him. I shall forever praise and honor Him.
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