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Urgent Job Interview For David

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Pray in agreement in the Holy Name of Jesus Christ that David gets a call from "L" to interview for H on the 12 or 13, please pray for a great interview ASAP, and a job offer and for us to be able to finally be in one state and engaged!

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The Encourager

The Encourager
Proclaim It In Jesus Name...It Is Yours

I have and will continue to purpose in my heart to Love, Respect, Honor, and Obey God for the rest of my days. Today and for the rest of my life, I will be moving from glory to glory. I will prosper, be in excellent health, as my soul prospers in Christ Jesus. God’s Word Shall Dwell Within Me Richly. My God given dreams shall not die. Every plan that God has for my life shall not fail but come to fruition (completion, realization). My God given destiny will not be aborted and the desires of my heart will be granted. My enemies will be at peace with me because my ways please God. My bank accounts and saving accounts will be overflowing with Money, gold, and great assets. I will live a successful life in Christ Jesus. I Am Blessed & Highly Favored. I am in the Master’s Hands And All Is Well with my soul. I proclaim this proclamation over my life, my family’s life, the one who wrote it, and the one who pass it on to me. Thank You Jesus for honoring Your promises over our lives as we love and honor You with our lives.

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Pass This Proclamation On To Every Christian You Know…Let’s Keep It Going!
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