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Serious Debt-Fighting To Keep Our Home

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my husband and I are facing serious debt and we really really need a financial miracle of Our Lord and father Saviour Jesus Christ.

He has promised He would meet us where our needs are, and right now we are fighting with every bone in our being to keep our home.

My husband is unemployed and now facing an operation to remove part of the right shoulder joint which means he is limited to what he can turn his hand to.

I am unemployed too and because we are rurally situated there are no jobs.

Some of the mess we are in is due to bad stewardship and we have confessed and asked for forgiveness. Some of it also was due purely to the 'thief killing stealing and destroying' but that is a long story! However in that situation God miraculously showed us Luke 13-12-31...and again this truly is an amazing story. Yet, everyday we are fighting off debt collectors/creditors with no respite and our health suffering.

We need a financial miracle to be able to get ourselves back on our feet and also job offers or Godly witty inventions that will help us get on our feet agian. I am very creative and do a lot of artwork and creative crafts but find it difficult to market. Please pray there may be a door opened imminently.

My husband would still be able to take on a good job driving as he cannot labour or do heavy work anymore, so I pray for an opening there too imminently.

Please, brothers and sisters....PRAY,PRAY.

Above all we have had so many people help us out in this past year and we cannot bles them whne we cannot give and we so wnat to bless others.

Thank you...and God bless you.

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Lord, bless this couple with financial blessings. Amen and Amen


Best of luck to you and your family. I know how it is to struggle. Keep your faith strong and never give up hope in the Lord- HE WILL PROVIDE!

Have you tried looking at job posts on craigslist.com? I work for a company and we post jobs on there, and have gotten many employees from there. Even though there is some spam, most of it is legit. Just an idea!

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