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Is ignorance hereditary?

Steven Bobb

We know that, living in a fallen world, we pay the the price, not only with ourselves directly, but we could have family members that could be either born with defects,or have some family sickness that they're more likely to get.But we also know that one trait of being unsaved is spiritual ignorance.{"Father forgive them for they know not what they do."} Now...what I've seen is that in certain familys, a certain sin might prevail...a SPECIFIC sin, moreso in that family than in another. Like, I knew a family who were pratically all into the occult. Believed in it, went to psychics, mediums, etc. There's a family, neighbors, who the whole family are drug addicts, see nothing wrong with it, defend it, and think you're a square if you don't do it. There was another family who I once knew who were all "rowdy"-the worst one went on to become a murderer. Now.. the question this prompts in me is...since this seems to be a "pattern", that certain specific sins runs in certain familys....yes we all have sin, but certain SPECIFIC sins seem to thrive in certain familys--like some things are "hereditary' including bad things inherited in the fallen world,is it possible some sins are also "hereditary",and "passed on" in certain familys? Because if not, then why do some sins prevail in some familys,and some bad traits, whereas another family doesn't have a weakness towards that specific sin? Huh?

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