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I who am nothing but regret and tears


Humble Prayer Partner
I have to confess. I was a man rapist (lust of the flesh, pride oflife, greedy, idolator, etc., licentious). I flirted (man whore) looking for love and wordly pleasures. I am not a victim, i am a perpetrator. It was pride-doing my own thing. '( i dont know what to do..i was a selfish, greedy person that used others for sex. God have mercy on me. '( even a friend of mine said i was a liar. She was right..i burned woth shame, literally, it caused me to have seizures. I turned my back on God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It doesnt get any worse than that..after i was a baptized.young girl. The devil comes as an angel of light and i bit the apple and i'm going to hell and it is dark!!!! '(((((( a fornicator, adulterer, liar, drugs, pride? Looking down on others as less than me.and objects of desire. I am not a victim, i am a perpetrator. Others were blamed, but it was my fault. By their fruits you will know them!!!! Can a sinner repent after walking into bars, parties? Etcm. I should have died righy after my baltism. It is all my fault!!!! I am lost. '(

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