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.I pray for purity and chastity and sanctity of my heart my mind and

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.I pray for purity and chastity and sanctity of my heart my mind and my soul - now and forever. For infinite vast oceans upon infinite vast oceans of ever increasingly more and more deep, more pervassive, more thorough, more intensive (complete and permanent) purgations, sanctifications, purifications healings (emotional, spiritual, psychological physiological, biological etc)eradications and shatterings of every fiber and cell of bondedness, shackles, bonds, entanglements and damage and poisons, pollutions inflicted on: my eyes, my heart, my thoughts, my immaginations, my fantassies, my day and night dreams, my feet, my hands, my legs, my toes, my head, my ankles, my knees (serious knee injuries there - muscles pulling away from the bones), my back (severe disk injuries there) - most importantly praying for an ever increasingly more and more pristinely perfectly TENDER, pure, unadulterated, clean conscience, heart, soul, mind, memories, thoughts, immaginations, eyes, ears, hands, feet. Now and forever. However should any of the healings that I am praying for even in the slightest manner negatively impact the opportunities for real spiritual growth and sanctity that the particular injury or pain or burden (cross) may allow for in God's wisdom and design, then please let it remain with me for as long as necessary in God's mind and plans.

2) please pray that JE and C grow ever increasingly more and more deeply, thoroughly, pervassively in love and be drawn into a true loving relationship forever that is always and forever increasingly life giving, life enhancening, life enrichening, life enlivening, and never a burden nor never negatively harmful to anyone's particular vocations or spiritual journey that the Father is calling or has been calling them to, or perhaps will call them to.
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