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Christian Warriors Worldwide, Please pray for my family: Clarence,

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PraySite Requests

Christian Warriors Worldwide,

Please pray for my family:

Clarence, alcohol (my husband)

Mike, my son, alcohol & abusing presciptions

Jamie, my grandson, alcohol & pot and is living together with Angela, and had a beautiful 2 months baby Macy.

Joshua, my grandson, alcohol & pot

Cole & Mindy, my granddauther & her husband Cole, went to their church a few years ago but do not anymore.

Chris, my grandson & his girlfriend Tina, living together and she don't know the Lord and Chris is backslidden.

Nick, my grandson and his wife Kelly, she does not know the Lord, but like Chris, he was when he was young but is in backslidden.

Michael & Brandon, another two grandson's that when they were young loved the Lord, but now they are into worldly things.

Mike & Shelly, my daughter and her husband, another one from my family, that knew the Lord but now is backslidden and into worldly things, and do not go to church anymore.

I am so sorry this prayer is so long, but my heart is full with sorrow from my family. Thank you for praying my family, Judy
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