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Bless Those That Bless Me, Too.

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Lord, thank you for my life. All, please pray for me in Jesus’ name for our Lord’s supernatural favor, grace, mercy & love for me to keep my home and from foreclosure. And me from ensuing suicidal thoughts; as there are many, many treacherous forces coming against me to lose my home. Thank you for your prayers and Father thank you for the Holy Spirit and especially for Jesus for I long to see HIS face 5n the midst of this debilitating fight.

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Praying to Jesus for no forclosure. Praying for no anxiety,praying for peace of mind and realization the importance of your health and life are more important than a home. You can always replace your home but, not your life. If this is Gods will why not start over you are important and the home can be restarted. I will pray for all to be in tact. Amen.
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