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Various Prayer Requests

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1-Pray for my brother to be healed of dilated ascending aorta, mother of diabetes, and father of arthritis. 2-Pray for an unspoken need of mine to be met. 3-Pray that God keeps me safe in all ways. 4-Pray that God controls a difficult situation in my life. 5-Pray that I will obtain proof needed to file civil lawsuits and for criminal justice to prevail. 6-Pray that God will provide me with a spouse.

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The Encourager

The Encourager
Always remember and don't you ever forget, God loves You. You are special to God. God Loves You With An Everlasting Love.

YJeremiah 31:3Y

God with all that is within me I say, Thank You. Thank You. Thank YOU. There is no one, nothing, not anything; on the face of this earth that can compare to You. You alone are worthy of all Glory and Honor. I praise You. I bless Your Holy name. Tell the Lord Thank YOU!
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