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The Unknown is Scary


Humble Prayer Warrior
Some people love to watch scary movies. That edge of your seat exhilaration waiting for someone or something to jump out at you thrills people. Me, not so much! Give me a good shark movie any day. That is about as suspenseful as I can handle. Most of the time the producers use very suspenseful music to raise your fear level. You start hearing that duunn dunn, duunn dunn, duuuunnnn duuuunnnn, then it gets faster and faster until that shark emerges from the depths with jaws wide open. You heart pounds as you anxiously wait in anticipation. You however know whats coming and you are still frightened.

Right now we are living in a time where the suspenseful music is starting to play. However we don't have any idea what is coming after it and our imaginations are running rampant. We can't close our eyes and pretend to not look or walk out of the room during the scary part. We are in it!

There are so many scenarios that we could contemplate of what could or might happen. Focusing on them would raise your level of anxiety and cause you to not think rationally and start to fear and panic. That isn't a good option.

So how do we function on a daily basis with the scary sound track playing in the background?

First off, spend less time watching the news or listening to the radio about what is going on. I'm not saying stick your head in the sand but instead of countless hours watching the news, spend 10-15 minutes only on the current updates and then turn it off. Read your bible more and focus on God and how He instructs us to be. There are so many stories in the bible that we can relate to on any circumstance we are facing.

Spend time in prayer. I mean real time praying. I know people are busy taking care of their families or working from home. If you can't sit for 20 or 30 minutes praying and talking to God, take 2-3 minutes every hour and take a break alone and say a prayer. Keeping your mind and heart focused on God will ease your mind and restore peace to your body.

Do not consistently focus on your problems! You cannot make fear bigger than God!

There is a saying I read: To hatch despair, just brood over your troubles!
(Brood = to think anxiously or gloomily about.)

Fear enslaves us with feelings of uncertainly. It divides your mind and you don't think rationally. We are in a faith battle right now! God tells us not to fear so many times in the bible.. Remember God never changes and neither does His Word. God's word is our weapon of choice for the battle. Like any weapon you need to practice with it to be able to use it properly and wield it to cut through the fear.

Things to remember:
1. Isaiah 41:10 - I am your God. I will strengthen you. Surely I will help you.
2. 1 Kings 17:15-16 - God can instruct people to give food or money to people.
3. God handles it His way not our way or how we want Him to take care of things.

I am not saying the unknown isn't scary. But we have a God who can ease that fear and give us the peace that passes all understanding.

Father God, there are so many people who are afraid right now. The unknown is scary but as believers we know You alone are in control and we can be at peace knowing that. You haven't given us a spirit of fear but of love and a sound mind. Have mercy on the world Father, people are so deceived and blinded. Strengthen us and give us wisdom and knowledge to speak to the people in our lives. Lift the scales from their eyes so they can see the truth and the truth will set them free. Protect those who are putting their lives out there for others. Let it be known today throughout the world that you O Lord are God!

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Steven Bobb

As troublesome as the things which are{now like one after the other}taking place ,they were predicted as signs of the last days. Including fear{"mens hearts failing them for the things coming upon the inhabited Earth"}But for us,"When these things start to happen lift up your heads , for your deliverance draweth nigh."Sure, I sometimes feel "creeped out" when all order is gone--but another voice speaks to me through it, saying,"Last days!Last days!"


Prayer Warrior
Fear not, trust Jesus word. I am with you always. The future in in His hands. Moving to other state or loosing your home and going for the unknown is in Gods hands. Love Him more than ever before, trust His word and believe in Him. Take all your burdens upon Him and He will take everything away from you.
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