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Reconstruction begins in your life.


Jesus alone can rebuild our troubled life. When we lost our job, lost our home, my wife left me and run away with someone else and my children are so hopeless and helpless. Who do I turn now? Who would help?

1, Run to the arms of Jesus. He is waiting for you with open arms to reconstruct, rebuild your troubled existence.
2. When your life is smashed into tiny little pieces and scattered all over the floor. Reach out and touch the hand of the Master of it all. Jesus want you up and going for the glory of God the Father.
3. If everything is completely broken, failed business and lost everything, Jesus is right there to bless, to help and to guide your steps towards heaven.
4. Seek the Lord while He can be found. Sometimes God sends our way brokenness of heart and mind to let us know that He is alive and well and He wants to help and bless.
5. Give your whole heart to the Lord. He will restory, He will bring blessings upon blessings on your life.

6. Do not predict your future, let Jesus guide your life and let Him take over what is ahead of you.
7. Let us all hear what Jesus said.....

In Me, ye shall have peace. In this world ye shall have trouble, but take heart, I have overcome the world. John 16.33

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Prayer Warrior
Before we do anything before Jesus, let us all take a deep breath and pick yourself up and start fasting and praying before the Lord. He will give you wisdom from heaven how to start a new life with Him. Dust yourself off and cleanse your heart from all sin. Jesus wants to bless your life and give you hope for a new begining.


Humble Prayer Warrior
I am giving my whole heart and life to the Lord and I am pretty sure He will reconstruct our life according to His will. I believe that with my whole heart.


Humble Prayer Warrior
Gods lovely hands and mercy shall always reconstruct any life that has been destroyed by the devil. Give your all to Him and wonderful things shall happen.
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