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Prayer Request For Family

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Please pray for:

healing for both my parents in their bodies and for God's peace to be upon them.

healing for my two brothers in their bodies and for peace in their mind.

Salvation for all my family members.

Elizabeth for God's peace,provision,favor,wisdom and healing in her life and family.

God's favor,guidance and direction for my life.

Wisdom in my life and closer walk with God.

Provision for my finances-in need of prayer for a financial miracle and breakthrough for a very dire and urgent need in my life.

unspoken request.

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The Encourager

The Encourager
Let's Pray...God I ask in Jesus' name that You will honor this prayer request. Save my family members that stand in need of salvation. Heal those in my family that stand in need of healing. Bless me Lord Jesus with love, joy, peace, wisdom, knowledge, understanding, healing in every area of my life, and great favor from God. Guide and direct my foot steps. Supply all my need. Don't let their be any lack in my life. And all that I have asked You God in Jesus' name to do for me and my family, please do the same for the person who wrote this prayer for me. In Jesus Name I pray.
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Lord I pray to honor and asnwer the prayer of my brother for the salvation of his family. For thier healings of whatever sickness they have in their body. Lord I pray for breakthroughs in his finances. Lord I ask for your guidance, direction and continue to give him the wisdom and knowledge as he walk closer with you. In Jesus mighty name I pray Amen!
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