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Prayer For Miracle Healing

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Please pray for my son that suffers deep depression but doesnt want to take his medication. Pray that God will heal him completely without the need for medication. Let the Lord free him from all the bondage of sin, curses, spirit of darkness, and sickness that he will be able to talk and respond to questions, able to eat, able to drink, and not to split his saliva all the time. May the Lord give him the wisdom and revelation to undersant his position as the child of God. Let the Lord give him comfort, rest, peace, a sound mind, and encouragement. Let the Lord helps him to be able to start read his bible, pray, and play guitar and piano to praise and worship Him. let the Lord uses him mightily that though him many will come to know that Jesus is the Lord. Please give him direction for his future education and let the Lord helps that he will continue his leadership in the church this coming Fall. Please pass this to as many christian brothers and sisters to agree and intercede with me. ...Thank you and God bless

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The Encourager

The Encourager
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God I come asking in Jesus’ name, That You will touch, bless, save,heal, and devliver this young man and make him whole in Christ Jesus. Use him for Your glory. Bless him Lord Jesus. Bless His Whole Family. Give them all peace.

Trust God. God uses doctors, medicine, but the bottom line is God is the Healer. God Is A Healer. Stand on the promises of God. Trust Him. Continue to pray for Your Son. And wait on God in Faith.
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Almighty Father, Our Saviour Jesus Christ & the Most Helper Holy Spirit I thank for Sister Sluther's Son. Please wash every sin of him with the blood of Jesus Christ and help him to grow in you as you wishes. Let every sickness be cured in Jesus name. Thank you Jesus


Father,in the name of your Son Jesus Christ and through the power of the Holy Spirit, I declare healing upon the son of Sluther, Lord you are our great Healer and you can heal every deseases. Nothing is difficult to you Lord, show your power and mercy upon the life of this child and grant the desire of her mother. That the life of this child will be used for your glory. Lord we are confident that every prayer request posted in this site will be answered. Thank you Lord. Amen
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