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Pray For Our Marriage.

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The Encourager

The Encourager
God I thank You that I can come to you about anything. I come lifting up my marriage

to You. I place my marriage in Your hands. Knit us and our marriage together, rooted and grounded in Your Love Lord Jesus, so that nothing can destroy it. Bess and heal my marriage. Fix what is wrong in this marriage and make it right. Bless each of us to be totally committed to You and Your plan for our lives. Teach us how to pray and intercede for each other, our children, and love ones. Let love, joy, peace, and faithfulness to You God and each other reign within the walls of our hearts and home. Give both of us patience and a great respect for each other. Help us; teach us how to be gentle, compassionate, courteous, and tenderhearted toward each other. Help us to remember what drew us to each other. Show us Lord Jesus how to keep Love strong and healthy in our marriage. Bless my marriage Lord Jesus. And please do the same for every married couple in my family, all my friends that are married, the writer of this prayer, and every married couple that attends the church that I belong to. God I ask all of this in Jesus’ name. Bless our marriages.

Pass This Prayer On To Every Married Person That You Know….
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