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Miracle Healing For My Son

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Please pray my son that suffers depression but doesn’t want to take medication. Let God gives him the ability and desire to eat, drink, sleep, and engage in conversation. He eats / drinks very little almost to nothing , no sleep for 4 nights and seldom replies to questions. Please pray that God will touch him and make him whole.

Please forward this to as many as Christian brothers and sisters to intercede with me. I can see God that is working and is in the process of making him whole.

Thank you and God bless

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The Encourager

The Encourager
God I ask in Jesus' name, Honor this prayer request. Heal this young man and make him whole in Christ Jesus. Bless him to take his medication until his healing from You God is manifested in his life. Heal his body Lord Jesus and use him for the glory of God. Use his testimony to encourage others that God is, still is, and always will be a Healer of His Children. God still heals. Amen, so be it, and it is so.

Mother pass this prayer to everyone you know and ask them to pray this prayer over your Son's life. God is a healer....
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