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Minerva's Audio Prayer Request For Her Friend

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Beloved of All
Our Sister, Minerva called in with thankfulness for every day the Lord gives her and asking for prayer for her friend also.

Listen to this phone call below which should play automatically as you read this (click the request title if you do not see the media player below):

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Faithful Servant
Dear Lord,

I join in these prayers for Minerva and for her friend. May the each live in the center of Your will, accomplishing all that you have set before them. Help them to honor You in all that they do, and to put aside worldly desires. Lord make them beacons of light, leading the way for others to meet Jesus Christ and call Him their Lord and Savior. I also ask for divine protection from any that would seek to harm them in any way. In Jesus' Name, Amen.


Account Closed
Dear Lord Jesus i come before

you and i am in agreement with

Minerva's request and i pray you

will grant her the desires of her


in Jesus' name~Amen`


Heavenly Father, Adonai Jehovah M'Kaddishkem, the LORD God Our Sanctifier, ABBA:

Heavenly Father, Adonai...Abba...I lift Minerva and her friend up to You. You are the Sanctifier. You are the One Who Imparts and Imputes Holiness through the shed Blood of Jesus on the Cross to those who accept Him as personal Lord and Saviour...I pray that You impart through the Holy Spirit a *special* form of godliness to Minerva and her friend, making them so holy that You come down and regularly visit them. I pray, LORD, that You draw them so close to You that satan himself would shudder to even think about going near them with any kind of temptation. Make the evil one, the Father of Lies so afraid of them and the holiness you give them that he does everything he can to give them and theirs a very wide berth. Give them a one-hundred-fold portion of the Mind of Christ, making them so Christlike that You Yourself will be completely sure and positive of their election and calling, and make them completely and one-million-percent immune to the coming temptation of receiving the Mark of the Beast. Sanctify them and close them up within Your Strong Tower; protect them from physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual harm: I particularly pray the words of Luke 21:36 over them: "Watch therefore, and pray always that Minerva and her friend may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man" (detouring this NKJV verse to fit Minerva and her friend)...


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