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Lost Pt Job

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Humble Prayer Warrior
Yesterday, I lost my PT Job after 4 months. Everytime the LORDS provides a job I lose it in no time. Even though I am still looking for FT position, I was hoping the PT one would last few months. The manager did not like me so well, so I guess that's one of the reason, and my sisters do not help, they been hard on me. I am living in a house in probate hoping it would be over with and I would have a FT Job and would find another place to live. I guess life is not like that. People are so evil and I am also finding them, everyone one of them. HE has the power to end everything, Why can'nt HE end it for me.

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The Encourager

The Encourager
Child of God,

Let Us Pray….My God in Jesus’ name I ask that You will lead and guide me to the job that You want me to have. Bless me with an excellent job that pays well and has great benefits! Let this be a job Lord Jesus that I will enjoy going to daily. Prepare me for this new position. Open doors of opportunity for me to be used to my full potential in the skills that You Lord Jesus have blessed me with. Help me to grow and excel in this new position. Let me stand out and shine for You. And God all that I have asked You to do for me in this prayer, please do the same for the Christian who wrote this prayer, the Christian who sent this prayer to me, and every Christian that stands in need of a job. Thank You Jesus for answering this prayer with an Amen, So Be It, and It Is So!!!â€

Please pass this prayer on to everyone who you may know that stand in need of a job. God answers prayers.

PS: God I ask in Jesus’ name bless and protect my family. God teach us how to love You and give us all the strength to obey You. Make living for You be our passion no matter what field of employment You have placed us in or what You have called us to do. Bless and strengthen us all to live a successful Christian lifestyle according to Your Word. Make all of us a success in Christ Jesus. Amen, So Be It!!!

When U Think of Me…Pray 4 Me….

Encourager Linda Flagg, LM, CS

Christian Life Coach & Youth Minister


Lord, I pray for this person, and I pray that You watch over her. Lord you know her heart's desires and her needs as well. Guide O Lord unto the right path, and I pray she focuses on the You more than on the problem. Amen.

I want you to pray this daily praysite 804:

Lord God, keep me positive even in my the most negative situations. Help me to focus on You, the solution to all my problems. You are bigger than all my problems, and what seems big to me is nothing but a minor speed bump to You. Provide the way O Lord, in Jesus name,

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