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Job And Finances

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Pray for my husband to get a better paying job, for my youngest son to get a job and for him to be able to supply a home for his family, for God to provide for our financial needs so we will not loose our house, help to get the many repairs done to the house.

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The Encourager

The Encourager
Let Us Pray…My Lord and my Best Friend, I thank You that I am a child of the King. I am Your child God. God thank You for loving me. God with all my heart I ask You, in Jesus’ name, “Don’t let me live below my status any longer. Show me how to live in Your divine order; making daily progress toward the goals You have given me. Bless me with wisdom, knowledge, and understanding from on high.

I submit to You all my dreams, goals and visions. Help me to sift, sort and grasp Your best for my future. Give me the courage to believe and receive goals that stretch my faith and my abilities. Keep me for complacency and toward proactive living. I ask for Your help as I choose to be accountable to You and others for the goals we have set together.

Spare me from self-pity or isolation. All my goals involve others. I ask that You bring new people into my life to challenge me toward greatness. Help me to make a meaningful contribution in all that I do. Make me take excellent care of myself so that I will stay healthy so that I may complete the Work You have given me to do. And make me do all things as unto You in an excellent way.

My greatest desire is to hear You speak to me one day these words, ‘Well done, My good and faithful servant. Well done. Enter into the joy of Your Lord Jesus Christ.’ When You return in all Your Glory. And My God all that I have asked You to do for me please do the same for all those I love and care about, and also the writer of this prayer,and the one who posted this prayer for me in Jesus name. Amen, So Be It Unto Us, In Jesus’ Name.â€
Not open for further replies.
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