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Jesus or Mary? The false doctrine of Mary.... (video sermon by Dr. John Barnett)

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Beloved Warrior
Thank you Enrico. I posted on this a few weeks ago below. Thank you for helping carry the torch of truth.


Humble Servant
Those who worship Mary are heading to hells burning fire. She is not a goddess and never asked to be worshipped. Besides, Gods word says... Thou shall not worship other gods. I know a lot of my unsaved friends are drunks and liers and thieves, spammers and hackers. because they worship Mary and the disciples and made so many saints along with them. Let us all fast and pray that everyone of them will get saved and on their way to heaven. Pray for the Pope, he is unsaved like anyone else.


Humble Prayer Warrior
I share Jesus with all my Roman Catholic friends and coworkers. They are wonderful people. Some love to drink a lot because of depression and sickness. I pray for them and Jesus save their souls.
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