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Je, David And Me

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Please pray for me. Please pray in agreement JE is healed in full now, and that he is able to be moved from ICU and able to leave the hospital. Please take his fever away now Lord Jesus and save him by the blood of Jesus. Please fill him with the Holy Spirit so he may be a Christian. Please also pray for me and my boyfriend (JE Father), pray we are blessed by the Lord, he is filled with the Holy Spirit, and our love stays strong during these trying times. Please also pray he gets a job soon by me, he is trying so hard, pray in agreement he gets the job from "K" now as a gift from God. IJN Amen

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JE healing with the faith of God and word of God and financial increase is the prayer we will give to God to answer. Amen.

The Encourager

The Encourager
God I ask in Jesus’ name that Your perfect will be done in this person’s life. Perfect all things that concern them. Let Your Will Be Done In Their life. Save, Bless, heal and deliver all those they love and care about. I pray that they will fall more in love with You and strengthen them to obey Your Word Lord Jesus even the more. Bless them so that they can be a bigger blessing to others. Amen.
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