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I Don't Feel Good Tonight...please could you pray for me...i still have a housing crisis and i need a miracle very very soon before i am homeless...


Humble Prayer Warrior
i have way to much stress

and my heart won't stop racing

and i can't seem to calm down tonight....

thank-you for praying for me....

i am not sure how much more i can take any more....

so far
no door has opened as of yet for a place for me to live

and i was told by a Hurricane Recovery Agency that i have to give my current landlord 30 days notice
but i do not have a replacement dwelling
as of yet
and i do not know what to do any more

i am very sick over this....

i truly need A Miracle
in my living situation
before it is too late for me
and i am homeless
and lose everything....

i have killed myself trying
to find something local
and long distance
and now
i am running out of time....
in every way.....

every single door that i walked thru
as far as a rental
closed on me
most at the last minute too

truly their is a housing crisis
in the United States Of America....


in Jesus name I prayed

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