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Healing No Afflictions

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Pray for my Christian wife she has much pain and is under spiritual and physical attack. God hears prayer! Pray for her to be loosed and healed according to Matthew 18:18,19,20 And PRAY in agreement together WITH ME according to Matthew 21:21,22. Also please pray WITH ME according to Matthew 21:21,22 for our son Jeremy to be delivered from all spiritual and physical attacks.

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The Encourager

The Encourager
Let's Pray...God I ask in Jesus' name that You will honor this prayer request. Heal everyone in my family especially my wife that stand in need of healing. Bless my family Lord Jesus with love, joy, peace, wisdom, knowledge, understanding, healing in every area of our lives. Bless each of us with great favor from God. Guide and direct our foot steps. Supply all our need. Bless my family to fall in Love with You God and Love You the way You want to be LOVED.

God don't let their be any lack in our lives. And all that I have asked You God in Jesus' name to do for me and my family, please do the same for the person who wrote this prayer for me. In Jesus Name I pray.
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