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Healing For Wife And Son

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I would ask for you to pray for my Christian wife she has much pain and is under spiritual and physical attack. God hears prayer! Pray for her to be loosed and healed according to Matthew 18:18,19,20 And PRAY in agreement together WITH ME according to Matthew 21:21,22. Also please pray WITH ME according to Matthew 21:21,22 for our son Jeremy to be delivered from all spiritual and physical attacks.

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Lord, heal this woman and guide and direct Jeremy. Amen and Amen

The Encourager

The Encourager
I asked God to honor Your prayer request…. God I come asking in Jesus’ name, That You will heal this young woman.

Trust God. God uses doctors, medicine, but the bottom line is God is the Healer. God Is A Healer. Stand on the promises of God. Trust Him. Continue to pray and wait on God in Faith.
Not open for further replies.
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