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God Needs Us To Pray For His Children, Not Judge


Humble Servant of All
Today as I was looking through the prayer request, I saw one about a girl asking for prayers and help because she stated that she keeps drifting away from God. She needed our prayers. I saw others praying but one in particular did not pray. She judged. This is not helping the situation. It makes the situation worse. All of us are human and sin against God. He forgives us and we move on and strive to be more like Him. We all are in need of prayers everyday. This is a prayer site. Not a judgement site. No one is above God nor will they ever be. Please remember this when you are responding to prayers.

God bless you all and may HE continually shine HIs love and shower His blessings upon you.


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Beloved of All
We are here to gather together in the Name of Jesus Christ. Love and pray for one another- no matter what. That's what Jesus Wants. NO JUDGEMENT! XO


Account Closed
Drifting away from God is never an option in a righteous walk of obedience to Him and His word. Sometimes maybe more wisdom is needed in responses but the Truth is that drifters just may be in the wrong spot when He comes back for all or for them. Judging people is putting them in heaven or hell.that is judging the heart and soul of man...which we have no mind to do at all God is going to judge us all for our inner thoughts and ways along with our actions in life but we as Christians have every right to judge sin and the power of it. Let there be no confusion of the two different judgments...Feelings have no part in a Christians walk either and offended feelings because of His straight and narrow Word is not in relevance to salvation and making it to the other side. Obedience is not an easy task and that is our full calling to walk in the Power of His Truth in Obedience to His Word. that is the Gospel....He died, was buried and rose again and left His Spirit to fill us and guide us to ALL His Purpose and Plan in righteousness...the only way we can even be near righteousness is if we follow His word where no tittle or tattle is changed...a sacrificial life of obedience to Him which is our reasonable service. Lord let us continue to stand for the Truth in Your Word and Know that You guide and keep all to salvation and righteousness in Peace and divine Love...make us and mold us into the obedience soldiers that You need us to be in these end times in Jesus name Lord bless that girl and continue to bring her into the fullness of Your Truth in Jesus name
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