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Did you realize this?

Steven Bobb

Beloved Servant
I wonder if anyone but me realizes this,but one point I've been making is, with this mass hysteria over coronavirus,{including people on this site}, this OBSESSION,I did notice a problem it causes, and I'm curious to see if I'm the only one who realizes this...Jesus went about, according to the Bible, healing ALL manner of sickness, and all who were oppressed of the devil'. How many? ALL.It doesn't read, He would just pray for coronavirus, but ignore everyone elses problems. He healed the blind the deaf, etc. Do you think if coronavirus was around then, He would just throw everyone else under the bus,and ONLY focus on the one problem?God is no respecter of persons,no respecter of persons, meaning I would think also, He wouldn't have a ratings sheet thinking ones problem is any more important than another,and therefore overlooking the other persons problem. My point being, are we focusing on the one problem at the expense of others,?For example, this coronavirus has only been causing problems for a few months.Cancer has been around much longer, and over time killed MUCH more people than coronavirus,yet you don't see everyone going into mass hysteria over cancer. {Including some Christians on the site},who know cancer has killed many more people than coronavirus, yet they don't pray for cancer to be wiped out?Why, because on their "ratings sheet" the life of someone who dies from cancer is any less important than someone who dies from coronavirus?"You have become judges rendering wicked decisions". To God EVERYONES life is prescious--not just someone who has coronavirus.My mother recently died from KIDNEY ISSUES{not coronavirus.I'm having a holdup with the will money and the bills pile up--a problem, but not coronavirus related. Point--there ARE other problems too. And I'm not saying it's not a legitimite prayer request, but what I'm saying is ,if we focus on it to the extent of throwing everyone else aside, out of our own self centered fears,I don't think that's how God would want it. Jesus would've healed those with coronavirus--He ALSO would have healed other people with other problems.I don't think there's a "ratings sheet" with God, one persons problems are more important than anothers, so let's throw all the others in the garbage. You don't have to have coronavirus to have problems.And you don't have to have coronavirus to get Gods compassion. Jesus went about healing ALL those who were oppressed by the devil. Keep reading that..P.S. I'm not saying don't pray for it, I'm just saying don't overlook everyone else.

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beryl onywera

Prayer Warrior
I agree with you Bobb,and i also feel that when too much attention is given to an issue it becomes demonic,you give satan too much attention.i still agree with you lets humble ourselves to God with all petitions not one.thank you for this.
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