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Christian Prayer Request it is some lies being told, I was in a car

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Christian Prayer Request it is some lies being told, I was in a car accident sitting at a red lite when I was hit from behind by a company truck, totaled my car. Police was called

couldn't file a police report

because I had warrants for not paying tickets, so I beg the police not to take me to jail, because I wouldn't have anyone home to sit with my handicap brother if, I was in jail, she let me go I also didn't have insurance, but the truck was still at fault and I was in juried. I didn't realize until about 5 days that I was really hurt. happened 1/15/09

Someone I know introduced me to a lawyer, and he took over the case, I just got word from this lawyer today that my car was in another accident that same day on another street and a police report was filed. with my ssn. but this is not true, it didn't happened, its a lie, I don't know how to disprove it. its not true. so in the end I'm sitting at a red lite. doing

everything right I believe and got hit from behind. my car is un drivable, turn my life up side down and I'm stuck paying for someone Elsa mistake... please pray for me...THERES LIES BEEN TOLD

also my abusive husband who just got of jail, is asking for his car back now and I'm trying to get away from him I'm going to end up losing my job cant get around to even get to a store, have to be able to travel between places, so I can get to my brother when I need to.

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