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Pray for my husband, Tony to learn how to deal with his anger in a more positive way.

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Lord I pray you would fill Tony with your peace and love. That there would be no room for anger. Just put your arms around him and love him.

The Encourager

The Encourager
God thank You for loving Me. Thank You for my family, friends, e-mail buddies, ministers, especially my Pastor and all those that pray for me, encourage and inspire me to live my life pleasing unto You according to Your Word. Bless each of them with the desires of their hearts that is the will of God for their lives. Bless, encourage, and inspire them to live their lives pleasing unto You (no matter what life may bring their way) according to Your Word. Help and bless them with the desire to always walk in love, truth, and the integrity of Christ Jesus. Bless them Lord Jesus. Bless them to be a blessing to Your children. Protect them and keep them safe from all hurt, harm, and danger. Keep them healthy. Heal and make them whole in You. May they never stop growing and encouraging others in the true knowledge of the Word of God with wisdom and understanding.

Lead, guide, and direct their footsteps to where You need them to be. Word their mouths. Let everything that they say be spoken in Love and Truth (with one motive) to help Your children. Let them speak what You have called them to speak. Let them preach and teach what You have called them to preach and teach. Let each of them live their lives as an Act of Worship unto You. And Lord Jesus please do the same for the writer of this prayer and the one who sent this prayer to me. Bless each of us to be Encouragers to the Body of Christ. Teach us how to pray for and encourage one another in our daily walk with You. Bless us to walk in love, truth, and forgiveness toward each other; speaking the truth in Love. I ask all of this in Your Son’s name, Jesus Christ!!!

Pass This Prayer On To Every Christian on Your E-Mail List. Continue to pray for those who are a blessing to you.
Not open for further replies.
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