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All Out War

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I have recently come off of medications for mental illness and I am unemployed. My wife of nearly 10 years has filed for divorce and we have 2 lovely children. Our divorce is not valid based on scriptural text and I am focused on saving my marriage and family. My real issue at the moment is that Satan has launched an all out attack against me and the battle is very hard to fight when dealing with all I am faced with. I have just seen my bank acct. be overdrawn as of today. I was chastised and cursed for posting the word of our Lord, by non-believing friends I have on FB. I have broken down and felt as if it is too hard for me to continue the fight and was longing for the Lord to take me to be with him. I have come under attack in nearly every possible way imaginable and I do not know where to turn. I pray about this and meditate on God's word daily and I need a miracle to stop all of the attacks by Satan and to restore my marriage and family. I pray speaking in tongues using the Holy Spirit and my earthly vessel is just extremely weak. This is the hardest fight against evil that I have ever waged and I need a miracle to make it through.

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I pray that you will find peace with yourself, and that you will continue to keep your faith strong, even in the face of Satan. He only attacks when we are at are weakest...don't give up the fight and believe that God's plan is unfolding, even at this desperate time. I pray that you and your wife will strengthen your love through God - keep praying for her and your children. I wish you peace and pray that God will remove your torments and heal your family.

The Encourager

The Encourager
Let’s Pray: God I ask in Jesus’ name that you will bless every member of my family and all my friends to have a real on going, ever growing personal relationship with You. Save my family and friends Lord Jesus. May each of us come to know the only true and living God in a real way, fall in Love with You, respect, and honor You. Increase our faith and trust in You. Teach us the importance of knowing Your Word and knowing Your voice for ourselves. Bless us with wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of Your Word. Strengthen us and bless each of us with the spirit of obedience to obey Your Word. Root and ground us in the true Word of God. Lead, guide, and direct our footsteps. Heal my marriage Lord Jesus.

Deliver us all from evil. Deliver us from anything and everything that is not of You in our lives. Teach each of us how to delight ourselves in You and seek the Kingdom of God daily. Bless us Lord Jesus with the desires of our hearts as we seek the Kingdom of God and delight ourselves in You. Bless my family and friends to walk in the integrity and character of Christ Jesus. Bless, Save, Deliver, Heal, and Protect us all. Step in each of our lives and perfect all things that concern You. God all that I have asked You to do for my family and friends in this prayer, please do the same for the writer of this prayer, and the one who sent me this prayer. In Jesus name I pray.

Pass This Prayer on….by doing so you will cause many to pray for their families.
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