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Affirming Needed For New Opportunities

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God is bringing new opportunities to my path new as we speak, please pray for me that I may find the Lord's assurance that I will get the assignments,

I'm a bit insecure about that right now as it's been a while since I've experienced Gods overflow, need a refreshing of my land and a restoration of my finances

in Jesus name, thank you for your help!

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God hear our prayers. He knows our situations. We are assured that if we go to Him He is merciful and will supply our needs.

The Encourager

The Encourager
Let’s Pray: God I thank You for supplying all my need according to Your riches in glory by Christ Jesus. You are my sun and shield. You are the lifter of my head. You are my Shepherd I shall not want. I thank You for not withholding any good thing from me as long as I walk uprightly. God I ask in Jesus’ name, “Help me, make me walk uprightly. Bless me exceedingly abundantly above all I have ever asked or prayed. Bless and heal my finances. Bless my finances abundantly O Lord and bless me with the wisdom that I need to become a wise steward with what You have abundantly blessed me with.

Lord Jesus You are my provider. You are my source. Teach me how and help me create a budget. Teach me how to save and invest wisely. Teach me how to honor You Lord in my giving and spending. Teach me how to pray over all my purchases and only spend when I get the green light from You. Don’t let me buy or spend money on anything that I don’t need. Don’t let me spend money foolishly. Let me be able to do more with less money. Help me catch the best sales on everything that I need. Bless me with the best for less. Bless me so that I may be a blessing to the Kingdom of God. And all that I have asked You Lord Jesus to do for me in this prayer, please do the same for my family, the writer of this prayer, and the Christian who sent this prayer to me. Heal, Bless and Increase our finances O Lord. Bless each of us to become a wise steward with what You have blessed us with. Make us a blessing to the Kingdom of God in Jesus’ name I pray.†Amen, So Be It, And It Is So!!!
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