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    EXCRUCIATING PAIN     8 replies

    By JesusIsMyOnlyHope,
    My back is killing me again. I am in so much pain right now and I do not know what to do. Please pray for me, in Jesus' Name. Amen

    Dear God, Thank you for this day. Please forgive me     5 replies

    By Walkwithgod,
    Dear God, Thank you for this day. Please forgive me of my sins. Help me Lord in my marriage. I pray for a mature heart, sound mind and that his heart and mind turn into a heart of flesh. That you will perform heart surgery. I tried all I could, I have prayed. I felt so hopeless and that nothing will change so I filed but it's not what I want if he is going to change. Please God, I pray that he will take his vows seriously that he made before you and help him to see the violence that has been done in our marriage. Open his eyes so clearly to see the truth and why things are happening the way th ... (read more)

    Heavenly Father, we know that there isn't anything     9 replies

    By Shermarie,
    Heavenly Father, we know that there isn't anything that you cannot do. There isn't anything that is too big or too small that you cannot handle. Please touch Lenore and JC relationship and mend their relationship. Please bring healing and forgiveness to it. Please soften JC heart towards her and let her finally hear from him and bring her the miracle she is asking for. Please let her hear from him as she needs closure one way or another. Please lay her heavily on his heart and mind today and flood his thoughts about her and their relationship. Let her be overwhelmed with miracles .

    Can't wait to go back to work tueday need my Mircle     3 replies

    By Heidianna72,
    Can't wait to go back to work tueday need my Mircle

    Prayers for an immediate healing of a friendship.     6 replies

    By lenore,
    God give me an another chance with Jimmy. I did something stupid that I regret that lead to our friendship ending. I did apologize but we are still not friends. I have been praying for this for months God. Please, have him forgive me and soften his heart. Place me heavily on his mind and heart today God like you did in the past God. You brought him in my live for a reason and I was there for him in his darkest times remind him of that and let him be overwhelmed by missing me and wanting to reconnect. We had a good friendship before and I do not believe that I would have gone through all the ... (read more)

    Prayer for face to heal and clear up, and for Confiedence in myself.     5 replies

    By Julian B.G.,
    Well, I have been praying for this about 6 and a half months now, and my face has only continued to worsen, its been really hard to keep praying this as I await God's promise of healing over my face. Its so bad that I am no longer the confident young man I used to be when it wasn't such a big problem. Yet over the same period of time my eczema which had been bad for nearly eight months is practically cured with nothing but two or three light scars left that still appear to be lightening, my face is also no longer in pain, itches, or burns from all the irritation that remains on my face, and ... (read more)

    Father, I pray, I cry and ask in Jesus name for a divine intervention,     4 replies

    By LJLove,
    Dear Lord Father God,   Father, I cry out to you, I reach out to you in this prayer for as you know my Beautiful Wife Jill is still under weight; Jill only weighs about 6 stone, this far far too light, and since the death  of our cat and the death of her uncle, Jill's immune system shut down and caused her to lose weight, valuable weight, she must not lose, I am sorry Father, as I fear for my beautiful wife Jill , so I beg of you, that as of now, each day, my beautiful wife Jill  increases in body weight each day to a healthy weight in the perfect time,please help Jill to in ... (read more)

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