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    please all pray in jesus name pb is heavly convicted     2 replies

    By Anonymous,
    please all pray in jesus name pb is heavly convicted in his heart and in his soul every part of him for hurting me for letting me down for taking cocaine for being cheeky difficult immature childish with me in every way now in jesus name pb has stopped taking cocaine for me permnatly now will never evre take it ever again he hates it now he would rather have me than take cocaine he apologies to me abundantly in every way now in jesus name pb totally loves totally cherishes totally adores respects me a lot a lot more than ever before in every way now more more every day he cant stop thinking ... (read more)

    A prayer for a miraculous healing of a friendship now     2 replies

    By lenore,
    God give me an another chance with Jimmy. I did something stupid that I regret that lead to our friendship ending. I did apologize but we are still not friends. I have been praying for this for months God. Please, have him forgive me and soften his heart. Place me heavily on his mind and heart today God like you did in the past God. You brought him in my live for a reason and I was there for him in his darkest times remind him of that and let him be overwhelmed by missing me and wanting to reconnect. We had a good friendship before and I do not believe that I would have gone through all the ... (read more)

    urgent please please all pray in jesuds name I command     0 replies

    By Anonymous,
    urgent please please all pray in jesuds name I command and declare abunadant incredibly more hair on my whole head abuandntly right now better any wig hair piece now that I am truly amazed now that other people are amazed now I command my whole hair restored blessed mega abundantly a lot thicker fuller longer stronger radiant very very best ever in every way right now in jesus name I declare mac bring back hyper real foundation now without delay better than ever before in new pump bottles now great prices now without delay in jesus name I declare in jesus name all the new veru very best ever n ... (read more)

    God help me with my studies. My exams are starting     2 replies

    By oswalda,
    God help me with my studies. My exams are starting from sunday. Please help me to get Good marks. Lord above all i want to be yours forever. Let nothing ever pull me away. Give me wisdom ,knowledge understanding, memory power and presence of mind.Lord let me filled with your words. Anoint me and fill me with ur holy spirit. Have mercy on me . Heal my dad .thank you that you already started healing him . Be gracious and merciful upon me .Guide me. Let your breakthrough power pass through people when i worship. In jesus name Amen . BE GLORIFIED LORD.

    They say no miracle too great God, well I think I found     2 replies

    By Steven Bobb,
    They say no miracle too great God, well I think I found one, based on the amount of unanswered prayers about it, here and also on call in prayer lines to ministries,dropping the request in prayer boxes in churches, you name it.The apparently denied request is for the abnormally busy,frantic pace I've been dealing with to slow down.95% job related, but a few other things coming at me from different direction,too.My schedule is so tight that I have to do things in a speeded up, abbreviated form because the next project is looming over me.I have to postpone my own needs because of things always p ... (read more)

    I believe and trust Jesus Christ!     2 replies

    By Vladi777,
    Brothers and sisters in Christ, for six years now I have been in desert, trials and problems in almost every area of my life! I continue to have a spark of faith and hope that everything is in God's control and will have a good end. My request is that who has a heart and lead by God to support me in prayer for every area of my life( spiritual, professional, financial, personal life, and for any other area for which I seek God's answer). Let us pray to come out of the wilderness, be a victor, and have God's answer and blessing for every area of my life. Thank you from heart!

    Lord bless me     1 reply

    By Anonymous,
    My 10th results are coming tommorow .please pray for me. GOD help me lord . Let me get good marks. In Jesus i pray .i surrender it ur hands .in Jesus name .Amen

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