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Why be a missionary for Jesus?


Humble Prayer Partner
To obey the voice of the Lord. Go ye therefore into the whole world and preach the gospel of the Lord.

Start being a wonderful missionary to your own children be teaching them Gods word.
Share Jesus with your nextdoor neighbors.
Jesus will bless your life.

Do You Know How to Pray?

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Prayer Warrior
The call continues to be heard all over the place. Jesus want us all in heaven but we must serve Him right here. Fasting and praying for lost souls where we live and those we work. Hearing His voice and obeying what He says bring blessings to all of us.


Prayer Partner
Do not give it up. Jesus still alive and well and He is coming soon to earth to give us the eternal reward He has promised. Continue to serve the Lord where you are. There are lost souls in your city, in your town and you can feed the hungry, clothe the naked and visit the sick and those in prison. Jesus is right there to bless your life as you obey His voice. Go ye into the world and preach.....
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