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Who gets saved?

Steven Bobb

Good and Faithful Servant
Looking around,I can see when trying to answer that question, that it's not nessasarily the Most "intelligent" person{as the worlds view of intelligence is. because there are many "intelligent" people out there it's not nessasarily the "toughest", beecause there are "tough" guys who can mop the floor with almost anyone,but aren't saved. when they voice their beliefs, you can see they're unsaved;it's not the most "beautiful", because I've seen beautiful women who look like they're glowing with beauty, yet when they start talking, and you hear more about them,as beautiful as they look, their embrace of the demonic and hatred of godly things makes them disgusting, despite their looks.it's not even successful people, because there are well to do successful people who are far from God.In fact, in a lot of cases it's the opposite.{"For God chose the weak things of the world,, that he may put the strong to shame."}So who does get saved."With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible."With God.meaning, I would think it's who God choses, and foreordains from the beginning.Meaning, why would my loved ones all be into the "deep things of Satan"{mother and sister into the occult,an aunt who hates Christians,others one by one embracing the occult}yet although I was born into that atmosphere, I didn't "bite the bait", yet embraced Biblical things,eventually becoming saved. {And as I said, it wasn't because I was "successful," because I made some big mistakes in my younger years,which made me "lag behind"in life.So who becomes saved? Up to God. "In that day 2 women will be in the field, 1 will be taken and the other left behind."God knows which will be saved.

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Prayer Warrior
Those who come to Jesus with a humble heart and ask forgiveness from all sins, Jesus will never ever reject anyone. Just come as you are. Softly and tenderly Jesus is calling.... Calling for you and for me. Just hear His tender voice and come to HIm and all your troubles will be taken away from you and from anyone else who comes to Him.
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