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What is deep faith in God?

Do You Know How to Pray?

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Miranda T

Servant of All
It is believing that He exists and He is with us all the time. Wherever we are and whatever we are doing, Jesus is right there wilh us, protecting us, loving us and caring for us.

Lift up your voice. Come and quench this thristing of my soul. Bread of heaven, fill us till we want no more. Fill my cup o Lord and make us all whole.
Full of blessings, full of peace, full of joy and happiness in our existence.

Faith is loving the Lord with all our heart, mind and soul. He spoke into existence everything we see and feel, all we have to do is to believe, trust and wait for Jesus. He is coming soon to take us all home to heaven. Praise the Lord.
Faith is like skydiving with Jesus and trust that Him will take care of us, He will secure safe and successful landing despite of the scary and unknown process.

Miranda T

Servant of All
Faith is also continue walking in the truth (which is the bible), no matter how the world is doing and think about how strange we are, how other people think we are different from them or they even don't think we will expect good results when following and living out the word of God, even so, we still take courage to walk out the scriptures faithfully for the rest of our lives until one day we see Jesus face to face.


Humble Prayer Partner
Gods blessings to all of us is the gift given to believe, trust and wait. Be thankful to God He has given you and me the desire to love Him and trust His word. This is really a wonderful gift that comes from heaven.
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