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War whitin us


Servant of All
This is a subject that should be disccused more openly in my opinion. The struglle whit flesh.

Romans 7:14-25
We realize that the law is spiritual; but I'm all-too-human, a slave to sin. I really don't understand what I'm doing. I do the things I don't want to do, and what I hate doing, that's what I do! But if I'm saying that I do what I don't want to, this shows that I admit the law is right. So it's no longer me who does this, but sin living in me— for I know that there's nothing good in me as far as my sinful human nature is concerned. Even though I want to do good, I'm just not able to do it. The good I want to do, I don't do; while the evil I don't want to do, that's what I end up doing! However if I'm doing what I don't want to, then it's no longer me doing it, but sin living in me. This is the principle I've discovered: if I want to do what's good, evil is always there too. My inner self is delighted with God's law, but I see a different law at work within me that is at war with the law my mind has decided to follow, making me a prisoner of the law of sin that is within me. I'm totally miserable! Who will rescue me from this body that's causing my death? Thank God—for he does this through Jesus Christ our Lord! Here's the situation: while I myself choose with my mind to obey God's law, my human nature obeys the law of sin.

That is God's word. And I think all those who walk whit God in self-honesty face this problem. You love Christ, you want to obey his word and his decrees you still at times end up falling down in sin.

To some this can mean a recovery from addiction as exsample. As it does for me, recovering from heavy porn addiction. Even trying my best I fall short at times and end up in sin. And if someone claims to be whitout sin after coming to know Christ that is very probably a lie.

Here is a one of my poems desribing this problem and how I feel when falling.

Here I am utterly failed,
Fallen again,
Here I am utterly failed,
Fallen again,
Yet here you are,
Beside me,
My risen king,
Praying on my side,
Crown of thorns on your head,
Fastened on your temples
By my bloody sins.

Who I am to you,
That you so look after me?
Who I am to you,
That you died and rose for me?
Who I am to you,
Do you still call me your child?
Who I am to you,
That you keep repairing me?
Why don't you just,
Let me grumble to pieces?

Jesus praise be your name,
For you have forgiven me,
And despite all my failures,
You keep standing on my side,
You keep kneeling down whit me,
My high priest in heaven,
Risen king who intercedes for me.

Forgiven sinner;
In war whit my flesh,
But when this war will end?

Based on following scriptures:
(Hebrews 7:22-28, Romans 7:7-25, Isaiah 53:5. 1st John 2:1-2)

Who then is rigtheous before God? Only Jesus is. And trough him we are sanctified and made new. Bible speaks this making new as rebirth. We must be born again. And as we all know from nature birth is not a pain free process that happens in a blink of an eye.

As it is I am a work in a process, like we all are. Groaning and waiting for the new creation.

Romans 8:18-25
Yet I'm convinced that what we suffer in the present is nothing compared to the future glory that will be revealed to us. All of creation is patiently waiting, longing for God to reveal his children. For God allowed the purpose of creation to be frustrated. But creation itself waits in hope for the time when it will be set free from the slavery of decay and share the glorious freedom of God's children. We know that all creation groans with longing, suffering birth-pains even up till now. Not only creation, but we too, who have a foretaste of the Spirit, we groan inwardly as we wait for God to “adopt” us—the redemption of our bodies. For we were saved by hope. Yet hope that's already seen isn't hope at all. Who hopes for what they can already see? Since we're hoping for what we haven't yet seen, we wait for it patiently.

So this "relapsing" back to our old sins or habits. Or even having a sin in our life that we are not aware of causing us pain. Well this all is part of the birth-pains. God is delivering us and sometimes as God tries to pull us out helping us we figth back and don't even realize it. And as it is will our rebirth/renewal be complete in this world? Well probably not as our bodies in current state decay and will eventually grow weak. So the process of rebirth is compeleted once we are risen up in the last day.

This "backsliding" happens to the best of us. And Bible urges us to confess our sins in multiple occasions and to pray for each other.

Share your thoughts and if you have unconfessed or secret sins in your life do confess them to someone, not here nesesiracly but if you want to confess here feel free to do so.

God Bless.

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Humble Prayer Warrior
Jesus can take away all guilt feelings, depression and worry. Where are we gona end up when we die? Jesus said. I am the Door. Let us all look to Him and ask to take away all feelings of guilt and of sin. He will forgive and send peace and joy to your troubled soul.
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