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The devil is a hypnotist

Steven Bobb

Beloved Servant
When I see how sin spreads,I must think that it's not a coincidence.there's a pattern to it. Because ,look at these "trends" that arise. for a while, it was "in" to hobnob with homosexuals."everyone" accepted them. There are also other things that spread like a flu epidemic. Right now{and for a while}the occult. Whom do you know who doesn't say, when asked their hobbies,"I'm into yoga."Then, the occult. all of a sudden, people who in the past would scoff at those things,all of a sudden multitudes believe that when a loved one dies the spirit{actually a demon known as a "familiar spirit"}contacts them. How many go to psychics.{And shows on tv hype this up, making these servants of Satan{spiritists}out to be "helpful" people we can trust. Now I don't think this is coincidence.You know how a hypnotist convinces someone to do something,or "changes" them, by repeating the same thing over and over and over again?{"You are a dog' umpteen times until the person starts barking ,etc.}See similarities? I think what the devil is doing by this is "selling his ways.And the poor masses, by hearing this over and over again, are like the hypnotists subjects,Of course, once we're saved, that doesn't work on us, because we have the gift of discernment.{Explains why everyone in my family fell for this nonsense, but I drifted the other way.}Think the devil is using hypnosis like tactics in his tactics?I do.{Hal Lindsey wrote in one of his books,"He{the devil}originated the concept of brainwashing long before human rulers used it to manipulate prisoners of war."Amen?

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Prayer Partner
Satan is not only a hypnotist, he changes from bring a beautiful woman who tells you to watch porn and you will be so happy, but when you start watching evil suggestions from satan your life turn sour and depression sets in and guilt feeling will not allow you to sleep well at night. Sometimes satan comes as friendly customer who wants you to steal merchandize from your employer and make more money. If you follow his suggestions then your souls will be so sad and your life will turn against anything God is doing in your church. So, stay away from anything the devil brings to you. He will not hypnotize you right away but he will certainly bring all kinds of suggestions and even the girls will want to get abortion and become so skinny because they want to be like Barbie, then bulimia will make them so sick. Fast and pray before the Lord so we will not fall into satans tricks and make us all miss our way to heaven.


Prayer Partner
Once you let satan in your house, he will briing all kinds of demons along with him and will not let you sleep well at night. Before you go to bed, sing praises to Jesus and pray to God for peace, joy and happiness.


Prayer Partner
We are living in the last days before Jesus comes back to eath to take us all home to heaven. Satan is worry. He will be boiund up for a thousand years and he want us all with him burning in hells fire forever. Do not let him, do not allow him in your house or your heart. Sin spreads all around us and evil comes along with it. Earthquakes, famine and all kinds of destruction shall come, Jesus said before His coming. We see it all. The rise of technology, rejection of Gods word and people falling away from the faith. False teachers and preachers and all kinds of cults are right here to confuse and disorient people. All we have to do is to set our eyes on the Lord. Read His word daily, memorize it and never ever leave the faith in the Lord or leave his church. Remeber this. Be faithful the end and I will give you a Crown of Life... says the Lord.


Disciple of Prayer
The devil is a liar and I believed his lies for years and see the destruction I allowed him to bring to my family. But by the grace of God Jesus has delivered my family and he is restoring my family. But I don’t understand why my extended family is so successful and prosperous when I know they don’t believe and practice occult teachings and why my family suffers so much.

The Encourager

The Encourager
Let Us Pray: God I ask You in Jesus' name strengthen me and help me to choose Your will, Your way, and Your plans for my life every second of every day of my life. Help me to always keep my focus and mind stayed on You so that I will walk in Your perfect peace. God please do the same for the writer of this prayer, all those I love, and care about. Thank You Jesus! Amen!


Humble Prayer Partner
Love the Lord above all things. Read His word and obey what it says. Satan will not come to you when you are seving and loving God before anything else in this world.
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