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Rhythm Of Pain


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Have you ever felt the waves of pain in your heart where the rhythm pounded like a war song and kept rolling over and over into nowhere and the pain was so intense you could literally hear it in your ears? Do I keep it or release it? As the battle rages on inside our hearts and minds, and they work as one, to keep us stuck within ourselves and we suddenly spin out of control to a place of craziness and defeat.

Release the pain, to where? To Him, who covers pain and takes it away, completely, because of His Mercy and Grace. Through our faith in Him we believe and lift Holy hands once again to overcome all that is placed in our hearts by circumstances and situations that we have no control over. To rest in Him knowing He is in full control of all things and knows exactly where we are in life and that He will make all things right before Him, no matter what the cause.

What do you do when someone betrays you beyond what you recognize that person to be? A part of them that may be so evil that it comes out and attacks to the level of beyond personal or reason... Or what if a loved one passes on...what if it is a child that dies ... or a child born to parents that can not care for them because life got too hard and sin entered and life is a mess and the children are confused and lost because the parents are lost, and the generational curse continues? A place in life where it makes your heart ache and soar into places that no christian should enter into, because there is danger all around...danger of unforgiveness or hatred which always leads to sin setting in and keeping us stuck where there is no light or joy or Peace, because of the rhythm of pain beats on. A place where God can not rule because of unforgiveness and lack of obedience on our parts.

Jesus conquered death and is now alive living here with us and in us. He is a shield of Protection and a Stronghold for the weak. He desires a people who willingly serve Him in Spirit and in Truth, a holy people who walk to the beat of His song. A people holy and acceptable which is our reasonable service. A people who walk in trust and by faith and not by sight...A righteous people who call upon His name in all things. A people who can enter into the Holiest of Hollies, a place of worship and glory... the place where He abides, directs and rules and a place where we have fellowship with Him and receive instructions and blessings. A holy place where He positions us to see Him from all views no matter which way our life turns we can see Him, and His majesty, The Lord of the universe and the Star of Salvation...We stand in His holy presence, as we walk in faith and not by sight, KNOWING that He is God of all things the Creator of all things..including Satan and his angels who are seeking and causing us to walk in steps not guided by God. Principalities in high places that conspire to bring havoc and pain to our hearts daily. that is his (Satans) cause...to destroy..and keep us blinded to the Truth of the matter...which is GOD ruling ....He has it all happening according to His purpose and for His glory.

Have you ever looked into the eyes of GOD? What do you see? What does He see in you?

I remember a Preacher preaching on this subject...when I looked to see after I heard the message, what I saw, was Pain in God's eyes toward me and it caused me to repent and turn around my life..there are times where I look into His eyes for strength, there are times where I look into His eyes for Purpose...there are times I look into His eyes to see me.....

The most difficult thing I ever had to endure, and I still do till this day is, I fight daily against myself..... for my will and my purpose not to overtake what He is saying for me to follow... it is most difficult to release hurts and pain.... that I sometimes could or want to take and go down a road of fellowship with and have a pity party with and "feel" awful about as I am fellowshipping with them they are the strongholds of pain and we hold onto each other for what reason?,.... not only when I entertain these spirits of confusion, and especially when I also hold onto them and bring them with me wherever I go and I end up hurting other because of my pain and mindset....

The road has been most difficult, in so may chapters of my life, as I was passing by in each one of them I can now look back and it doesn't seem so bad and I'm glad I walked through it all with Him by my side to get me to where I am today in Him...with understanding and knowledge of Who He is in regards to my walk and what He does for the me and for this world. I am grateful to look into His eyes today and know that I see Love on both sides of this mirror, and that Peace reigns where i live.....I see myself as representing him to the fullest of my ability even when I have to get past myself, even though I fall, I get back up in Him and He forces my hand to put me in the position that He needs me to be in for that day..(which is sooooo hard, you have no clue how hard I am, in my opinions and my mouth, Lord have mercy on my mouth, yet my mouth is my blessing and brings comfort to many through HIS words, when I allow Him to use me for HIS glory)....

My prayer is Lord let me see like You do let me Love from Your heart.

Without Love there is nothing...NOTHING...there is a new song on K love that the singer speaks at the end about, you can do anything in life that's good but without Love there is nothing...

Love....Teach us....to be all we can be for You Lord in Jesus name...

Let the Rhythm of Love play it's song in our hearts and minds...may we walk in full obedience of Your Truth Lord make us into what You need us to be for Your glory in Jesus name..

God bless and May the Lord bring us all into His favor and may Mercy and Grace kiss to bring us blessings from heaven in Jesus name

forever a humble servant of God, who truly deserves nothing good, but bless His name that He sees more in me than I do in myself...Lord all I can give You is me...this broken down, beat up, piece of work! Mold me and make me into something new for You in Jesus name I pray

God bless

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Account Closed
Thank you for sharing Ann. This is a beautiful piece of writing. I relate to that rythmn of pain, but also the rhythm of His love. So many of my chapters have been painful and hard as well. I think I will be 'healing' and learning and growing until the day I die :) Even currently I must combat the thoughts that would like to leave me in that place of bitterness or self pity. It is challenging <3 But I continue on in His strength, fighting to remain focused on Him, swaying to the rhythm of His love, for truly He is the best thing about life, and promises to fulfill His purposes in our lives as we remain in Him. Hallelujah! God Bless you sister. Sending you thoughts of love today <3

Amen and it is a forever way of life and growing in Him...amen...glad I finally learned it...applying it can be most challenging...God bless and continue to be a blessing...
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