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On my way to glory.

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Humble Servant of All
Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith... Love this verse so much. Jesus is waiting for us in heaven.
Our faith is centered around Jesus Christ. We have never seen him in person as his disciples did when he walked among men. So then Jesus is Jesus of faith. Thomas doubted that he arose from the dead because he was not present when The Lord appeared unto his disciples. Today we as Christians are holding fast to the proffession of our faith in jesus Christ for we believe it is through him that we have redemption and that he is our hope of eternal salvation.


Humble Prayer Partner
I am on my way to our heavenly home. I really hope to see everyone over yonder. Keep the faith alive and well. Be faithful to the end and I will give you a Crown of Life... Jesus said. We are on the road to glory. Praise the Lord.
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