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My Prayers


Faithful Servant
God, Good morning and thank you for waking me up. I pray you hear me and my prayers. Thank you for your son, he is wonderful. Only I can dream of being as good as you in him and healing others, showing mercy, and being kind and gracious. I talked before about The Power Plant where I live. I think kts unfair to some of the people who have spent their entire life, building a home, and making memories in a place, just be be kicked out, because a multi billionaire company decides to pay the people to leave from their home and or gets condemned out it because Georgia Power would rather pay people less value of their home and property instead of building the proper ash pond, etc, the right way. They may keep hundreds maybe thousands of people a job, and lights on, but, still, they could also, respect others around them to, and they don't care, and it's sad. I don't work their or whatever, but, I do care for the people and the land, and the waters in our county. A guy who works their said, yesterday, if you get dust or something in your eyes, they have a washing compartment, and he said, they were told not to use it, I can't say for sure why, but in my opinion, I think it's contaminated, and they need to pay to fix it properly, just as they need to clean out the ash pond, because the ash is overflowing on peoples property and the land, which shouldn't be. I heard a conversation from a man who was paid to leave his home, because the ash is so bad on the backside of his property. He also said, he rode down and looked at it, and it's running towards the river, and that would be a shame if the water got contaminated because the kids swim their, fish live their, etc. I pray they fix their mistakes. Anyways, I pray for so many, and only you know what they need. God, I miss you, I miss us, I want to come home to be with you, if you'll still have me. I know I have done many wrong things, and I pray all of my sins are forgiven, and I sin nomore. And I pray I am obedient to the father, the son, and the holy ghosts always. God, Please hear me, I make mistakes and I'm not perfect. Jesus, I pray in your name. Amen

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The Encourager

The Encourager
May God in Jesus’ name answer your prayer request according to God’s perfect will, wisdom, timing, love, grace, and mercy. Thank You Jesus. Thank You. Amen!

Child of God Let Us Pray: God thank You for loving me. Thank You for loving me Jesus. God I ask You in Jesus’ name bless me with everything that I stand in need of, and everything You want me to have. Bless me to prosper, have excellent health, and cause my soul to prosper in Your Word daily. God heal me in every area of my life. Make me whole, successful, and a wise steward in Christ Jesus. Bless me with the spirit of obedience and strengthen me to always obey Your Word and will for my life. Let me be known by You and all the angels in heaven as a Friend of God. God dispatch the angels you have assigned to me to protect, deliver, and keep me safe from all accidents, evil, hurt, harm, danger, the plans of my enemies, and the plans of the enemy of my soul. Cover me in the blood of Christ Jesus. Let no weapon formed against me ever prosper. Cause all my enemies of the Lord to stumble, fail, and be greatly ashamed. Save and deliver my enemies. God all that I have asked of You in this prayer, please do the same for the writer of the prayer, those I love, and care about. God please forever honor this prayer over each of our lives. God Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. Amen, so be it in Jesus’ name.

Prayer Written By Encourager Linda Flagg, M.A., BCPCLC--Board Certified Professional Christian Life Coach - www.theencourager.net

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Brother James

Beloved of All
Praying with and for you in Jesus.

We can do everything Jesus did and more! We can speak; sickness leave in Jesus! Be healed by Jesus stripes! I am healed by Jesus stripes! Amen! Thank You Lord Jesus!

You can copy and paste this to pray every day and share...

There is nothing that happens for us that is bad. All things work for our good in Jesus! Look at everything as good!

Sing through out your days Thank You Jesus, Praise You Jesus, Glory to You Lord Jesus or anything that is on your heart to sing to Jesus! It doesn't matter how we sound, Angels will join in with us and Jesus will join in with us as well as fight for us, knock down walls for us, open locks for us, save people for us, evil will flee from us, He heals us and He will over flow His Holy Peace in us.

Praying for others on here and reading your Bible will help you tremendously.

I wanted to commit suicide once, I even came up with a plan. Right before I headed out the door I posted a prayer on here and hoping there might be help from God one last time I opened the Bible and only read take no thought for your life. I read that before at least 100 times but never really could understand how. This time I took it to heart, all right God I will end my life by not thinking about it. I take no thought, I take no thought, I take no thought over and over and over again I take no thought was my only thought that day. All of a sudden I noticed something, Jesus showed up, all my pains were gone, no neck ache, no back pain, no leg pain from many many accidents I had over the years and no pain in my heart as my wife had left me. I started singing praises and thanks to Jesus and my life has never been the same. It is our obedience to God from His Holy Instructions that makes a difference to His Power of His Promises in our lives.

Be a doer of Jesus friend, it really makes a difference! Thank You Lord Jesus!

Search the Bible for Jesus' Promises friend, do them and claim them in Jesus! Amen! Thank You Lord Jesus!

Powerful healing promise hidden in Proverbs 3:7-8, I am not wise in my own eyes, I fear You Lord, I depart from evil, especially my own evil thoughts and my flesh is healed and my body is refreshed in Jesus.

Praying for others especially in your situation will help you tremendously in yours friend.

Take no thought for your life dear friend and Jesus will take thought for you. Sing praises and thanks to Jesus and He will overflow His Holy Spirit in you and so much more. He will fight for you and give you the desires of your heart.

Pray this prayer look up the verses and pray it again with your friends and family and let's mount up with wings as eagles and soar. Soar with me.

Let Us Pray: God I ask in Jesus' name, bless me to grow closer to You. I long for a more intimate relationship with You. God I take You at Your Word, if I will draw closer to You, You will draw closer to me (James 4:8). Show me how to draw closer to You. Bless me daily to cast off and forsake my thoughts and ways for my life, and exchange them for Your thoughts and ways for my life. Let me think Your thoughts and dream Your dreams for my life. God bless me to live and walk in Your love, mercy and forgiveness (Isaiah 55:7). I confess, I will take no thought for my life. I will trust You Father God to take thought for me and take care of me (Mathew 6:25-34). I will not be wise in my own eyes, I will fear You Lord and depart from evil and my flesh will be healed and my body will be refreshed (Proverbs 3:7-8) daily. Thank You Jesus for Your Promises! Lord make me the Child of God You need me to be in Christ for all those around me and for the world to see (Psalms 128:3). Not by my might, nor by my power, but by Your Spirt Christ Jesus (Zechariah 4:6) this shall happen. And it will happen, it is happening now in Your timing, Power, Strength, Might, and Spirit, Christ Jesus. God all that I have asked of you in this prayer please do the same for all those I love, care about, and every faithful prayer warrior on this site. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You Lord Jesus, my Savior and Lord for answering this prayer with a Yes and Amen.

Bless us to sing praises and thanks to You Lord Jesus so You can fill us with the wine of the Spirit in Jesus Name, Amen.
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