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My God! We trust only in You. ...


Humble Servant
My God! We trust only in You. Show us the way in times of great tribulation in the name of Jesus Christ!
Strengthen us, give us faith and hope in You according to Your Heart.
Find shelter for us in times of great tribulation. Amen

Father, help us not to arrogate to ourselves what You do through us in the name of Jesus Christ
Father heal Alexandra's ovaries, stomach, and esophagus

Heal Father eyes, stomach, esophagus and intestines in Alexandra, pressure in Igor, poor metabolism in Julia, Tatiana, Alexandra in the name of Jesus Christ

FATHER, PRAISE BE TO THEE AND GLORY FOREVER! THANK JESUS CHRIST FOR DYING FOR US! GLORY to the HOLY SPIRIT, OPEN our FATHER's EYES, WHY it is so IMPORTANT to LIVE COMPLETELY by the ABSOLUTE WILL of GOD, OPEN TO US the POWER and GLORY of the CRUCIFIXION of CHRIST AND his SUFFERING, the POWER of the BLOOD of JESUS, SHOW US CHRIST CRUCIFIED on the CROSS through YOUR EYES FATHER Alexander, Ruslan, Igor, Julia, Tatiana, Eugene, Julia, Andrew, Svetlana, Svetlana, Tatiana, Marina, Svetlana and all our family and friends and people. Help us to bring people to the Kingdom of God many in the name of Jesus Christ
Let us pray please. I have impaired serotonin-dopamine metabolism, because of this I can not sleep without pills. Impulses during the passage of the cell membrane are disrupted. Dependence on pills. In the name of Jesus Christ, I proclaim the restoration of serotonin-dopamine metabolism and sleep 9 hours a night without pills! Pulses are restored. Heal me, father, from my addiction to pills. I am well in the name of Jesus Amen

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The Encourager

The Encourager
I have prayed in Jesus' name that God will answer your prayer request according to God’s perfect love, will, wisdom, timing, grace, and mercy. Keep your focus on God, trust Him, stand on His Word, and always remember, God Is In Love With You!

Prayer Focus: God Thank You for loving me. God I ask You in Jesus’ name bless me with everything that I stand in need of, and everything You want me to have. Bless me to prosper, have excellent health, and cause my soul to prosper continually in Your Word. God bless me to come to know You and love You with all my heart, mind, body, soul, and strength. Bless me with the spirit of obedience, the desire, and strength to daily live my life for Your glory, approval, and applause. Bless my relationship with You to grow into an intimate friendship that is solid, strong, and unbreakable. Let me be known by You and all the angels in heaven as a friend and worshipper of God in Christ Jesus. God bless me to walk in wisdom, love, power, and a sound mind. Heal me in every area of my life. Heal, deliver, and set me free of any sin, sicknesses, addictions, disorders, or unclean spirits that may be or is trying to operate in my life. Wash me thoroughly. Create in me a clean heart and renew a right spirit within me. God be with me as a mighty warrior. Let no weapon formed against me prosper. God give Your angels charge over me to cover, protect, deliver, and keep me safe from all accidents, evil, hurt, harm, danger, the plans of my enemies, and the plans of the enemy of my soul. God according to Your Word cause all my enemies to stumble, fail, scatter, and be greatly ashamed. God all that I have asked of You in this prayer, please do the same for the writer of the prayer, all those l love, and those I am concerned about. God today and for always honor this prayer over each of our lives. God Thank You. Thank You. Thank You. Amen.

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Above All

Beloved of All
Ask For Forgiveness for all of your sins. Lord is watching over everyone.
HE saves You from the situation whatever you are going through. Don't be Afraid. Leave everything to God. Give yourself to God, HE won't leave Your Hand. God Bless You.
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