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I need prayers!


Beloved of All
*I need prayers, Jesus Christ to give me direction, wisdom, support, victory and blessing for every area of my life! I just do not want to determine the course and direction of my life. I want Jesus Christ to be my God and Savior! God knows the struggles, situations and problems!
*Now I'm at my parents' home! Let us pray, the Lord to expel FOREVER any evil - force, demon, authority, plan, deed of this home, in the life of my parents and in my life! Let us pray, that in the home I live in, in the life of my parents and in my life - FOREVER will reign and rule the Spirit of God! Let us pray, that the Lord might be glorified in this house, in my life, and in the life of my parents! Let us pray, that the Lord will give me all - authority, strength and grace I to be able to fulfill all His will!
*The Lord expands the boundaries, responsibilities, and ministries that I believe He has given me. I ask for your prayer support. Lord God of Glory, to build me up and affirm me to have a humble, wise, reasonable and very anointed heart. May the Lord grant and affirm me to operate with all the gifts of the Holy Spirit that He wants, and that they will always and forever act in me, and through me, with much of His love. That I may be and remain a faithful and approved worker before the Lord, for the glorification of His Name. One day I can say as an apostle Paul, I have completed the Way and have kept the faith.
*Please support me in prayer! Lord, build and bless the friendship between me and my brother Tihomir! Let us pray that God has kept this friendship from the devil, and that this is it should to be for God's glory forever!
*Let us pray for church "Agape"- Jesus Christ to remove everything unclean and sinful; That the Lord perform all His will in this church and that it this church it becomes truly strong, united, filled with the Spirit of God, God's love and God's glory! Let us pray that in church "Agape" and through this church, there will be maximum fruit for God's glory! Let us thank Him for this and give Him all the glory!
*I passed safely the theoretical and practical (driving) exams! Let us also thank the glory of Jesus Christ for this! Let us pray that the Lord will give me the opportunity to continue to drive without emergency and with pleasure! Let's pray, Lord help me improve myself in driving and I become a perfect driver!
*Let us also pray, for the groups, in which the Lord has put me to serve of "anonymous drug addicts", "anonymous drug addicts in Radnevo" and "anonymous alcoholics", "anonymous alcoholics in Radnevo"- the Lord to do all His will, establish the kingdom of God in these groups, have many saved, healed and liberated people in these groups, let everything be God's glory!
*Let us pray that our Heavenly Father will protect me, my family and every member of this prayer site (and their families) from the coronavirus, let it all be for the glory of God in the Holy Name of Jesus Christ!
*Let us also pray for Ivo Noev - the Lord Jesus Christ to open his spiritual eyes to him, spiritual growth in Christ, the Holy Spirit to lead him to repentance and a full revival of the spiritual life!Thank you very much for supporting me! God bless you!

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Above All

Beloved of All
Ask For Forgiveness for all of your sins. Lord is watching over everyone.
HE saves You from the situation whatever you are going through. Don't be Afraid. Leave everything to God. Give yourself to God, HE won't leave Your Hand. God Bless You.
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