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Echoes of Light

Humble Servant of All
Hasten, O Lord! Enlighten my darkness, speak to my soul. Nothing happens without you permitting it, and nothing you permit is without comfort.

O Jesus, Son of God, you who were silent in the presence of your accusers, restrain my tongue until I find what I should say and how to say it.

Show me the path and make me follow it. In delay there is danger, but in haste there is likewise peril. Therefore Lord, give ear to my petition and show me the way.

I come to you, as the sick go to the doctor in search of aid. I long for you like the dying. O Lord, give peace to my heart.

In Jesus' Holy Name, I prayed

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Humble Prayer Warrior
Jesus heart is full of mercy and compassion on those who believe, trust and wait for Him. He healed lepers, gave sight the blind and cast out devils out of people delivering them from the torments of hell. He will heal your troubled heart and give you hope of eternal life in heaven.
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