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Don't decide who lives or dies

Steven Bobb

Beloved Servant
One thing I see{and hear of} more and more unsaved people do is, if their loved one {even if they're not dying outright, but maybe aren't what they used to be, and they think there's no chance of improvement}--is that they want to hasten their death, because,{according to their judgement} they'd be "better off dead.'.My most recent brush with these kind of people is, a neighbor was in a bad accident. He only rides a small skooter,and he got "zapped" by a car.He was pretty banged up, but now is out of the coma, and can communicate a little.The problem is that he can't move well, possibly paralyzed,but otherwise they're weaning him off the oxygen,so little by little he could breath on his own. So when I went with another neighbor to visit him, I heard what I've been hearing too many times in many cases...the family was swooping down ,ready to tell the hospital to put him in hospice so they'll stop treating him and he would die.{Why, because the man got disabled in an accident, so kill him?} I hear this all the time.In fact, even the patients more and more are clamoring for their own death if sick or injured.The doctors encourage it,and may even prod the family to do it.{This, from the same culture that fights for abortion.}But since most people with that mindset are unsaved, I ask, how can the person be "put out of their misery" if they go to Hell after death?Also, by making themselves judge and jury over who lives and dies, and when, isn't that like giving THEMSELVES the authority instead of God?{Also, the fact that they always chose death instead of life...why are they so quick to want to see the person die?And besides, isn't it a form of murder, knowing the person will die under some circumstances, but creating those circumstances?I don't approve of such things. You?"I put before you this day life and death. Chose between them." Obviously, most unsaved people chose death. P.S.--The Nazis thought like this."This person is injured, they're of no use, let's murder them."Don't play judge and jury over who dies and when.
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Praying for you friend who got into an accident. Jesus can restore, He can resconstruct our life, He can heal, he can wonderful things for all of us who believe and trust His word. Lazarus was dead and his sisters were all crying. Jesus came to the tomb and said. Lazarus, come forth. The eternal voice of God sounded so clearly. Lazarus came out from His cold tomb. Jesus can do wonderful things for us if we just believe and trust His word.


Prayer Warrior
God decides when we are gona die. Abortion doctors decide which babies should be killed and used their body parts for medical experiments. That is a horrible coming from satan. We need to fast and pray for all those abortion doctors and the nurses to stop killing babies and give their life to Jesus. They are so far away from God.


I let Jesus decide when I am going to die. He send us here to earth for a reason and now that we are here, be a blessing to everyone you see. Speak Jesus words to them and pray for their salvation. Only God will decide when we are going to return to heaven. Only God knows our future. Praise the Lord.


Humble Prayer Warrior
I never put myself in the position of deciding who will die or who will live. Jesus is author of our life and He will decide when we will die. So, I let Jesus do the deciding. If He calls me home to heaven, I am ready, I am so eager to see Him face to face with Chrsit my Savior.


Humble Prayer Warrior
Before someone dies, I love to pray for them. Show they the way that leads to heaven. Jesus is the Door to enter in. My hope and prayer that everyone I know and care will get there so I can see them and thank God for answering all my prayers.
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