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Does God only help with "certain" problems?

Steven Bobb

Good and Faithful Servant
We always read about "victory over the devil" in CERTAIN AREAS, like , laying on of hands, and the sick get healed, or spiritual victories.But you know, not all problems are related to that. Sure , the dead were raised,but I'm not dead so that doesn't relate to me .The sick were healed, but I don't have an ongoing physical problem, so doesn't apply to me.Hmmm...Now with my SPECIFIC problems, very different than the ones noted in the Bible, let's see if we can find a record of a cure from it.Annoying people...I continue to deal with annoying people.....did you read in the Bible of some coming to Jesus saying, I need certain annoying people out of my life,and Jesus laid hands on them, and the pain in the butt person left them alone?No.A frantic pace,dealing with the ratrace, and also the usual "surprises" of life{which happen at the worst possible time,of course}and have you seen a laying on of hands, and things die down, and all of a sudden you have time for yourself?No. So my SPECIFIC problems, of dealing with annoying people, users, leeches,extreme busyness,it would seem like that's not covered by Gods healing. You have to be sick or spiritually bereft to get a blessing? What about those of us with OTHER problems?Why does God "lean more" towards solving some problems than others?

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Prayer Warrior
God helps every single problem people may have. HIV, herpes, chlamydia, cancer of the throat, hepatitis, anything you may have, Jesus can and will heal you or anyone else. Just ask and believe it with your whole heart. If you have any other problem, personal problems, work problems and whatever satan brings to your life, Jesus will take it all away from you. Come and quench this thirst of my soul. Bread of heaven. fill our cup we pray. Amen

Called By Name

Humble Prayer Partner
Steven Bob, I love your frankness and openness.:) It do seems that God saved and Jesus healed more when people where in a desperate situation between life or death. Your post made me smile because I too had to deal and live with bothersome people for a loooooong time, approximately for 18 years!! and i wondered why did God take his time in removing me from their presence? I wondered the same things you did. Not only were they annoying and troublesome for me but they also were abusive with their words towards me and very selfish. Nothing i did to help them was ever enough and i grew tired and grieved over these things and wondered why God didnt save me sooner. They did alot of damage to me and when I finally did leave I had aloooot of healing to do and reshaping myself from all the bad things and words that impressioned upon me. I dont have the answer but sometimes God allows certain things to happen because he have a higher purpose. Sometimes these people and annoyances are kept around us for a reason. Maybe their healing will come through witnessing our faith, or maybe we have something to learn from them. Remember Jesus kept his judas around. Not only kept his trader around but he chose him!! And we learn within the word that God allowed this to happen because Judas betrayel against Jesus will just propel him faster to the cross and finish his work for what he was intially sent to do, which was die on the cross for our sins. Without Judas betrayal JEsus would have stayed longer and the crucifixion happening later or prolonged and our souls needed saving sooner than later. At the death of CHrist the holy spirit our comforter was released ! and now more people could walk in truth with the father, believe on Jesus and be saved, it was the only way! God have a timing, purpose, and a plan for everything. All bad things are used to propel us and for the glory of God to be seen. remember this, still I know it can be kind of burdensome to have these troubling people around you so let us pray for the peace of God to flood your mind , space, and the hearts of those around you.

Father I too have dealt with these things, I too have grieved over troublesome people and it is not nice. So, father I pray that you move on Steven Bob behalf and help him acquire peace. Help him find something to do that will occupy him so the people around him wouldn't bother him. ANd father I pray you give him the peace found in you and not as the world may give it and lastly father may you quiet the hearts around him that may be in turmoil or distress from everyday things. I pray the household recieve Jesus so your presence reigns and more peace is found. In Jesus precious name amen.


Prayer Warrior
Everyone has natural affections. Some people we like and others we don't like, yet we must never let those likes and dislikes ruin our Christian life. When people throw you stones it's because you are a good tree full of fruits. They see a lot of harvest in you. Don't go down to their level by throwing them back the stones, but throw them your FRUITS so the seeds of yourself may inspire them to change their ways.
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