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Can you focus on God in the ratrace?

Steven Bobb

Beloved Servant
We read of Jesus going into the wilderness for 40 days.We read of Moses going up to the top of Mount Sanai by himself to receive the 10 Commandments.Adam and Eve, were in nature surroundings when created.Not once do we read of a person receiving a spiritual insight on the New York City subway at rush hour,or in a traffic jam on the L.A. freeway.Some surroundings are just more conducive to spirituality than others.I'm a realist, so in my own experiences,in my Greyhound bus riding days,when I was riding past beautiful mountain scenary in Montana,spiritual thoughts came to me like,"And they will do no harm in all My Holy Mountain."Even at a cemetary, I get thoughts like,"The time is coming when all those in the memorial tombs will hear the voice of the Son of Man,'But notice these are quiet places where I hear "The Voice."Now contrast that with a hypercharged atmosphere, with a screaming baby , howling at the top of it's lungs, a continuously barking dog, some moron revving a loud motorcycle engine.RMMM!!RMMMM!!RMM RMM RMMM!!Sirens from fire engines and police cars,immature teenagers acting silly, some impatient jerk laying on the horn,, take your pick. Now I, personally find being in nature scenary stirs my spiritual thoughts. Being in the man made ratrace,with that "hyper", disorganized atmosphere,on the contrary,I would say is more a distraction from the devil, and I CANNOT focus if everytime I try to focus a new obnoxious noise breaks into my eardrums.So...is it true that some atmospheres are more {or less} conducive to spirituality than others?To my experience , I would say ABSOLUTELY.It sure ain't like riding through Montana on the Greyhound bus.
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Prayer Warrior
My focus in this life is Jesus. He said. Come to Me and ye shall find peace. The ratrace will give you a coronary heart desease. Along wth that high blood pressure, diabetes and trombosis. All the worry and the stress in the workplace will send us to the hospital quicker than anything else in the world. Let your life be like Jesus life. Full of prayer and meditation on His word. Softly and tenderly Jesus is calling. Calling for you and for me. He is waiting and watching, Watching for you and for me.


Prayer Warrior
I shall never ever take away my eyes from Jesus. He is, He was and He forever will be. He is eternal and He is coming for you and for me. Keep`loving Him, keep praising Him, keep adoring Him wherever you are. Then, when He calls us all home to heaven, He will personally welcome us in to glory.


Humble Prayer Warrior
The ratrace is set up by satan who want us all so busy seeking the things of this world instead of seeking the Lord. Everyones focus should be on eternity, in heaven, where we all are heading. The ratrace will end but the kingdom of God shall never ever end.
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